Grants Approved 2nd Quarter 2015

The Arc of Midland Bike Camp attendees learn to ride a two wheel bicycle in just one day.

The Arc of Midland Bike Camp attendees learn to ride a two wheel bicycle in just one day.

  • The Arc of Midland - $10,000

These funds will help with The Arc’s Bike Camp, a one week program designed for children with developmental disabilities who have not been able to successfully learn to ride a two wheel bike. At the completion of the program, each student is capable of riding on two wheels.

  • Chippewa Nature Center - $7,500

This grant will help fund the expansion of Chippewa Nature Center’s staff-led nature and historical hikes to individuals with limited mobility challenges or other health issues. With the purchase of two 8-passenger golf carts, the Chippewa Nature Center will be able to offer wildflower, bird, fall color and historical tours to more people.

  • Chippewa Watershed Conservancy - $1,600

This grant will assist in the production of a print-ready map of the Pine River from Alma to the Chippewa Nature Center. The map will show visitors safe places to launch and take out canoes and kayaks, promoting safe and enjoyable river recreation in mid-Michigan.

  • Midland County Habitat for Humanity - $25,000

In partnership with several local churches, Midland County Habitat for Humanity will identify homes needing repairs done that would not otherwise be made due to lack of funds. The funding from this grant will help to revitalize members of the congregations’ homes or friends and family of those that attend the congregations. 

  • Lincoln Township - $6,575

In collaboration with the American Legion Post 443, Lincoln Township will bring the Vietnam Moving Wall to the community of Sanford from July 13-18, 2016. This half-size replica of the Washington D.C. Vietnam Veterans Memorial is known as the “Healing Wall” and is an opportunity for those who have a connection to honor those who died in service to our country. 

  • Midland Area Transportation Study - $11,600

This grant will help fund the study of public transportation in Midland County. The study will review existing transportation services, conduct an assessment of community transportation needs, identify and prioritize any unmet needs, suggest practical potential service and/or organizational improvements and provide proposed implementation plans.

  • Midland Charter Township - $40,000

These funds will help in the design and construction of an 8 foot wide trail from Whiting Overlook Park to Bullock Creek Elementary School. This half-mile trail will be an extension of the trail network to the north and west connecting to the Tridge and the Chippewa Nature Center. It is also part of the route of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail which connects Midland, Bay City and Saginaw.

  • Midland County Council on Aging (Senior Services) - $14,000

In order to create a more comfortable environment for staff and clients using the northeast wing of the Senior Services building, these funds will help with the addition of an air lock enclosure to the building entrance. The added enclosure will block the prevailing wind and help keep extreme heat and cold out of the northeast wing of the building. 

Grants Approved 1st Quarter 2015

The Leiphart School House located on the Midland County Fairgrounds will receive $20,000 toward their renovation project.

The Leiphart School House located on the Midland County Fairgrounds will receive $20,000 toward their renovation project.

  • Midland Public Schools - $27,000

These funds will be utilized to help launch the International Baccalaureate Career-related Program (IBCP) at both Midland and Dow high schools. IBCP encourages high school students to prepare for careers through Career-Technical Education (CTE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.

  • Sanford Youth League - $25,000

A collaborative project between the Sanford Youth League, Village of Sanford and Disability Network of Mid-Michigan, this project will add ADA accessibility to the Village of Sanford Park baseball diamonds for both players and spectators. Once completed, a new Challenger League will be established for players with physical or developmental challenges.

  • Midland County Fairgrounds - $20,000

This grant will help fund the restoration of the Leiphart School House. The one-room school, originally built in 1881, is in need of major repairs to restore functionality. Once renovated, the house can be utilized for functions such as reunions, weddings, showers, craft shows and other gatherings at the Midland County fairgrounds.

  • Junior Achievement - $10,000

This grant will bring the Junior Achievement programs to Coleman Elementary School. The “JA in a Day” concept will be utilized to ensure volunteer involvement. The program will impact all 23 classrooms, which includes 575 students, and will become ongoing after the initial grant.

  • West Midland Family Center - $10,000

These funds will assist with a partial renovation of the WMFC Childcare Center. WMFC plans to add an additional restroom and remove a portion of a wall to create a larger room in the childcare center. Enhancing this space will increase their ability to provide care for additional children and better serve current children in the program.

MACF funds a wide variety of programs through its competitive grant making. These programs include arts and culture, civic improvement, education, environment, health, human services, recreation and youth. Many new programs and special initiatives have started due to MACF grants.

The next deadline to apply for a grant through MACF is April 15th. To inquire about making a donation, establishing a fund, or applying for a grant, contact MACF at (989) 839-9661 or