• MSU EXTENSION - $9,000

GRANT TO FUND: The Cooking Matters program, which is devoted to providing health and nutrition resources to low income individuals and families.
Total project cost = $14,000


GRANT TO FUND: The revitalization of the Recycling Center. Several equipment repairs are necessary to sustain the educational, volunteer and recycling programs that area residents have come to depend on.
Total project cost = $45,000


GRANT TO FUND: Assessment of the region’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education system. This initiative will document our region’s strengths/weaknesses, discover best practices from other regions nationwide, and suggest opportunities for future advancement.
Total project cost = $405,000


GRANT TO FUND: The Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress Pilot Program at Carpenter Elementary. This program identifies subject-specific and detailed learning gaps for each student, which will lead to individualized and targeted instructional approaches.
Total project cost = $12,500


GRANT TO FUND: Safety pads at the Midland Civic Arena. The old pads have deteriorated and require replacements.
Total project cost = $20,000


GRANT TO FUND: Space renovation for physical and behavioral health office. Primary care providers for both aspects of health will co-locate in the office.
Total project cost = $138,845


GRANT TO FUND: Midland Community Former Offenders Advocacy and Rehabilitation (MCFOAR) workforce development. MCFOAR provides services to assist former offenders in becoming self-sufficient, thereby dramatically reducing recidivism rates.
Total project cost = $69,500

  • CREATIVE 360 - $20,000

GRANT TO FUND: “Creating Together Piece by Piece” project. This is a year-long innovative community program to engage, entertain, educate and involve all ages from the Midland area with over 40 events and programs. This is ultimately to prepare and involve the community in moving the John Pratt Mosaic House to the Creative 360 campus.
Total project cost = $76,000


GRANT TO FUND: Observation & educational gateway at Jack Barstow Airport. This building would also serve as an entryway for visitors flying into Midland.
Total project cost = $189,375

  • ADOPTION OPTION - $40,000

GRANT TO FUND: One-time transitional staff person for mandatory technology upgrade. The Department of Human Services is requiring foster care services to utilize a new web-based system. Grant will be gifted over a two year period to decrease the impact of the new technology on workers’ ability to serve children.
Total project cost = $60,000

  • STEP UP - $15,900

GRANT TO FUND: Mentorship training, one-on-one interactions and other educational formats to engage and challenge all walks of life to reverse negative cultural trends constricting our community.
Total project cost = $48,825


GRANT TO FUND: Pet adoption, animal education and transport vehicle conversion. HSoMC will convert a motor home from a recreational vehicle to one suited for animal transport. It will also be utilized at community events to educate the public.
Total project cost = $17,000

IMPACT Grants - 3rd Quarter 2014

  • SHELTERHOUSE - $62,200

GRANT TO FUND: Sexual Assault Awareness for Everyone (SAFE). This program is a three-tier approach to combat the problem of sexual assault on people with disabilities. This was a collaborative effort of Shelterhouse, the Arc of Midland, the Arnold Center and the Disability Network.
Total project cost = $72,200
Need addressed:  Declining access to healthcare/increasing demand

  • LARKIN TOWNSHIP - $28,000

GRANT TO FUND: Blacktop & fencing for walking paths in Larkin Township Park. This project will address maneuverability around the park, making it safer and more convenient for seniors and those with disabilities.
Total project cost = $35,000
Need addressed:  Expansion of non-motorized trails and improved use of outdoor assets


GRANT TO FUND: Startup costs associated with the new nonprofit, which aims to provide a healing environment to children, teens and their families who are grieving the death of a loved one.
Total project cost = $139,800
Need addressed:  Access to mental health services  Better coordination of services


  • Great Lakes Bay Region BMX - $15,000

This grant will help with the cost of rebuilding the BMX track located at Stratford Woods Park in order to continue to provide a safe place for riders of all ages. The track was originally constructed in 2004 through a MACF grant. 
Total project cost = $37,629

  • Chippewa Nature Center - $20,000

Since first opening in 1974, the CNC Homestead Farm has brought local history to life for thousands of visitors. This grant will help fund a new, historically accurate timber frame barn to replace an aging structure.
Total project cost = $139,995

  • Downtown Development Authority - $17,928

This grant will assist with the purchase of new street banners to line Main Street from Gordon Street through the new East End & Dow Diamond area. The vibrant, dynamic banners will greet visitors from spring through fall.
Total project cost = $26,928

  • Disability Network of Mid-Michigan - $20,000 

Funds from this grant will help launch the “How Do You See It?” anti-stigma campaign, with a goal of creating a shift in the way people view, interact with and include people with disabilities.
Total project cost = $40,000

  • Northeast MI Community Service Agency (NEMCSA) - $5,000

Much of the furniture, storage and toys in the Head Start classrooms are worn down and/or broken. This grant will allow NEMCSA to purchase new items.
Total project cost = $14,164

  • Young Life - $5,000

15 student leaders and 85 at-risk students will attend a Young Life mentoring weekend this fall. Young adult mentors will also attend the camp and follow up with students on an ongoing basis after the weekend. This grant will assist with the cost of camp for students.
Total project cost = $13,500

IMPACT Grants - 2nd Quarter 2014

  • Chippewassee Park Trail - $100,000 

Chippewassee Park is host to several large community events each year. Accessibility is currently limited to one paved trail traversing the east edge of the park. This grant will provide funds to expand the trail with an additional 1,800 foot loop extending into the west end of the park.
Total project cost = $180,000
Need addressed: Expansion of non-motorized trails and improved use of outdoor assets

  • Midland County Great Start Collaborative - $100,000 

This grant will provide tuition scholarships for low-income families in Midland County for their preschool age children
Total project cost = $150,000
Needs addressed: Shortfall in poverty related learning and education achievement, better coordination of services

  • Midland Area Homes - $60,000 

This grant will support the development and implementation of “Home to Stay” - a program to work with MAH clients after re-housing from homelessness or stopping a high-need repeat eviction.
Total project cost = $122,000
Needs addressed: Lack of affordable housing/shelter for low income earners, better coordination of services


  • United Way of Midland - $15,000

This grant will help cover the cost of the Midland County Behavioral Risk Factor Survey, which will collect data on risk factors and conditions using landline, cell phone and person-to-person surveys. The results will be used to measure, assess progress and identify risk groups. United Way is serving as fiduciary for this project of the Health & Human Services Council.

  • Sanford Historical Society - $25,000

Funding from this grant will be used to help restore and remodel the main exhibit hall in the Sanford Centennial Museum. The new area will present a cohesive story of the history of the Sanford area and serve as a hub for the museum complex.

  • Meridian Public Schools - $5,000

Summer Book Buddies is a program designed to increase the retention of reading skills for elementary students. For 10 weeks during the summer break, students will have access to quality books that match their reading abilities. This grant will help to cover the cost of books for the program.

  • Lee Township - $40,000

This grant will be utilized to support the Lee Township Hall renovation and expansion. The township needs office space for officials and greater access for residents.

  • Midland Public Schools - $25,000

Many band, orchestra and choir uniforms at Midland and Dow high schools are more than twenty years old. The schools will utilize this grant to help fund replacement uniforms.

  • City of Midland - $40,000

The Emerson Park Waterfront Renovation is a three-phase design to develop a section of the riverfront between Emerson Park and the Midland Historical Society. Among the additions will be an interpretive education station, accessible fishing dock, boardwalk, floating dock, railing along the sea wall and a picnic area. MACF approved this grant to fund a portion of the $664,000 project.

  • City of Beaverton - $5,000

Due to lack of funding for much-needed repairs, Calhoun Park was closed to campers in 2010. This grant will go toward the renovation of the bathhouse facilities located on the 78 acre park and campgrounds owned by the City of Beaverton. The renovation is scheduled to begin as soon as possible.

  • Camp Centaur - $25,000

This grant will go toward the addition of a restroom/emergency shelter facility on the campus of Camp Centaur in Midland. The handicap-accessible facility will model similar public park restrooms, and is expected to be built in the spring of 2014.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Great Lakes Bay Region - $20,000

This grant will go toward the “One Thousand Starts with One” project, which is an effort to engage and recruit volunteers for BBBS mentoring programs. Through one-to-one mentoring, BBBS provides children the opportunity to resist substance abuse, excel in academics, gain a role model and recognize their true potential.

  • Salvation Army of Midland - $25,000

The Salvation Army of Midland is in need of a renovated kitchen facility. Funds from this grant will be utilized to provide upgrades including new cabinets, countertops, a freezer, dishwasher and updated plumbing.

  • Midland Camping Council - $40,000

This grant will help Camp Neyati renovate several buildings on their campus. Metal roofs will be installed on 12 cabins as well as the pavilion, and an epoxy floor will be added to the craft building.