Our Purpose

We exist to cultivate the power of giving within our community, support long-term transformation, and help ensure all residents thrive.

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What is a Community Foundation?

Most of us don’t have the ability to donate millions of dollars toward our favorite cause. However, when a lot of people pool their resources together to work toward a common goal, amazing things are possible. That is the essence of a community foundation. We reflect and support our donors’ wide array of interests including arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health, human services and recreation.

As money is endowed to MACF, the gifts grow forever, providing ongoing support to help the community prosper.

We fund several types of philanthropy, including:

  • Grants – The Midland Area Community Foundation provides over $2 million every year to support a wide variety of community programs. Grant applications are accepted four times a year.
  • Scholarships – We’re dedicated to providing students the opportunity to continue their education beyond high school. Scholarships provide an investment in the community’s future and help students achieve their dreams.
  • Projects – Project funds allow our members to donate for specific purposes. Individuals, corporations, and family foundations may all be a part of a project. The Tridge is perhaps the best example of a project that MACF helped bring to life, with generous support from several family foundations.

You can donate to an existing fund – like the Community Investment fund to make improvements to Midland, or the Open Door fund to combat homelessness – or you can start your own fund. Either way, you can direct your gifts broadly or narrowly to whatever issues you care about the most. However you choose to give, your gift will change lives today and in the future. All gifts are tax-deductible, and in most cases the tax benefits of donating to MACF outweigh the benefits of establishing your own private foundation.

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Our History

On October 2, 1973, twenty-five Midland leaders and volunteers came together to establish the Midland Area Community Foundation. Described as “by the people, for the people,” MACF grew out of the belief that everyone can positively impact their community through philanthropic giving.

Over the past five decades, many dreams have become realities. Area treasures like the Tridge, the Fun Zone, the Rail Trail, and the Santa House are all indebted to MACF investment and promotion. Celebrations like RiverDays and the courthouse lighting have brought people together. Over a hundred nonprofit organizations have been able to continue their missions, and thousands of students have received the financial help they needed to further their educations. Putting their money together, donors have given the community greater vibrancy as their gifts have enriched and improved quality of life.


Find more historical financial data on the Financial Information page.


The Midland Area Community Foundation also handles the funds for two affiliate foundations, covering Gladwin and Clare counties.

Additionally, The Career & College Access Network and Youth Action Council are projects of the Midland Area Community Foundation.

Midland Area Community Foundation


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President & CEO

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Chief Financial Officer

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Director of Community Impact

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Director of Development

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Scholarship Coordinator & Impact Assistant

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Administrative & Development Assistant

Kevin LaDuke

Communications Officer

Luiz Quellis

Finance Manager

Kristin Sovis

Postsecondary Education Leader

Sara JacobsCarter

Youth Impact Coordinator

Midland Area Community Foundation


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Board Chair

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Vice Chair

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