ART BUILDS MIDLAND is what we're calling a new effort spearheaded by your community foundation. It's all about getting folks talking about public art, what future art projects the community wants to see, and, of course, further beautifying our community. We're kicking off in the summer of 2017 with three incredible projects:

stereobot (Large).jpg


Stereobot is a building technology company focusing on next-generation experience design. Working alongside partners and clients Stereobot is rapidly expanding the possibilities of brand expression by creating immersive experiences integrating the latest in design, engineering and visual expression. View two amazing Stereobot sculptures in Midland throughout June and July! Locations: Midland Center for the Arts and downtown Midland (near the Tridge).



We believe so strongly in the Art Builds Midland message, we're creating the phrase using life-size sculptures. Literally, the words "ART", "BUILDS", and "MIDLAND" will be setup in various locations around the community. The kicker? Some letters are omitted, which means you need to fill it in with your body! Make sure and use the hashtag #ArtBuildsMidland when sharing on social media!



In addition to temporary art installations from Stereobot and the life-size ART BUILDS MIDLAND interactive letters due to be installed in June, MACF is commissioning local artists to paint murals under two bridges this summer. Business Route US-10 crosses over both Saginaw Road and Waldo Avenue. Drivers and pedestrians will soon have a much more colorful sight while traversing under these bridges.