CommunityGives Youth Service Program Application

The CommunityGives Youth Service Program is supported by The Dow Chemical Company and the Midland Area Community Foundation as an opportunity for K-12 teams, clubs or groups (sports, band, robotics, etc) in Midland County to earn funding for team needs through volunteerism. Grants are $1,000 each and are competitive.  Please note that this submission – if approved – is considered your contract.  Your Final Reports, to be completed after you receive approval for your application and complete your proposed project, should reflect the same information provided here:  volunteer project, number of K-12 Volunteers, etc.  Applications are accepted quarterly (January 15, April 15, July 15 & October 15).

Eligible Groups must be:

  • Made up of youth in the K-12 Age Range (Minimum of 10 youth volunteers; Note that adult mentor hours DO NOT count toward the 50 hour minimum)
  • Located in Midland County and comprised of predominantly Midland County residents
  • Affiliated with a 501c3 or a school district