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October is Cultural Awareness Month!

Creativity Contest
Click for details on the 2018 Cultural Awareness Month Creativity Contest. All submissions are due by October 19th.

Our Mission

To promote, encourage, share and sustain cultural awareness throughout Midland.

What can we learn from other cultures, ethnicities and points of view? How do we embrace the diversity in the world?

The answers to these questions lie within the cultural diversity of our own community and is demonstrated through the Cultural Awareness Committee.

Business Plan

The Cultural Awareness Committee has formulated a "business plan" based on the surveys and the Forum with three main thrusts:

Develop an effective network among the Midland area community groups involved with cultural awareness. This would feature communications, periodic forums and public relations.

Move forward on top priority community projects. Enhancing cultural awareness among school children was identified by the Forum as the highest priority. Additionally, the Committee will continue to support the Diversity Walk and MCTV programs.

Provide grants and other funding in support of selected community projects.

Midland has a unique opportunity with its strong local diversity. By improving our awareness of the different cultural groups here, we will be able to better understand our increasingly complex world.

Speakers Bureau

Also as a result of the forum, the CAC has developed a Speakers Bureau. The Speakers Bureau is a list of qualified individuals available and willing to discuss a range of subjects on cultural diversity, i.e., their native countries, particular regions of the world, gender, and diversity matters in the greater Midland Area.

The CAC’s hope is that organizations and individuals will seize this educational tool and utilize the knowledge and experiences these speakers have to offer.

An updated Speakers Bureau list is coming soon!

If you are interested in booking a speaker, please contact the Midland Area Community Foundation office at 989.839.9661 or

Contact the Committee

The Cultural Awareness Committee is actively working to make this happen. If you wish to join this Committee or want to share ideas or comments, please call 989-839-9661.