Focus Areas

Through our work with the Midland County Community Success Panel, we have outlined four major focus areas for the community foundation. We believe that in order to work towards a more vibrant, thriving community, our efforts should be focused on these broad areas.

All Midland Area Community Foundation activities will now align with these categories, which are as follows:

building our liveihood

Building Our Livelihood

(Economic development, infrastructure)

Midland County creates and sustains competitive advantages for existing and future businesses. We are well-connected and invest in our physical and technological infrastructure.

developing our talent

Developing Our Talent

(Talent, education, youth development and engagement)

Midland County offers high quality education and learning opportunities throughout life. Our community nurtures a skilled workforce and places high value on post-secondary learning. We provide opportunities for children and youth to realize their hopes and dreams.

caring for people

Caring for Our People

(Human services, social services, poverty, housing, mental and physical health, public safety)

The Midland community provides a coordinated and comprehensive system of supportive health and human services so that all may thrive. We encourage self-sufficiency and accept our individual responsibilities to collaborate to create the safest community in the country.


Enriching Our Community

(Arts, culture, entertainment, recreation, diversity, community leadership, environment)

Midland County is a vibrant hub of arts, culture, entertainment and recreational opportunities. We are committed to equality and inclusion, and we welcome, embrace and accept all people. We are a sustainable community that values and protects its natural resources.