Cristoforo and Alma Zuliani Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund #102

To provide an annual scholarship award(s) to a Midland County high school graduate who is pursuing a degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) at an accredited four-year university or college in Michigan or at Delta College (or another approved two-year college in plant communities serving Dow Chemical employees).  Students must have graduated with a cumulative GPA over 2.5 and demonstrate financial need.  This is a one year renewable scholarship and recipients that maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above will be awarded a consecutive scholarship for their second year of study.

Paula Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund #749

To provide an annual scholarship award to one or more graduating seniors from Farwell High School who is entering into a higher education nursing program.  Preference will be given to those entering into a bachelor's degree program.  Further determining factors are grade point average, school extracurricular activities and community service.  Each to be considered, none should be weighted more heavily than another.

Midland Community Orchestra Endowment Fund #693

Supports the mission and operations of the Midland Community Orchestra.  The mission of the Midland Community Orchestra is to promote and encourage interest in orchestral music through presentation of public concerts and to engage in the educational activity of promoting and encouraging the talent of music artists in concert technique through training sessions and performing for the public.