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Regional Census Hub Project Fund

This fund provides for the development and implementation of the regional census hub. As part of the Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign, this initiative helps to plan, implement and track activities associated with the Great Lakes Bay regional census hub including general oversight for hub activities; grantmaking strategy for the area; partnership with local and regional government and nonprofit entities; reporting of the regional efforts for local and state campaign officials; and technical assistance to local/regional organizations regarding census 2020 get-out-the-count efforts.

Midland Community Orchestra Endowment Fund #693

Supports the mission and operations of the Midland Community Orchestra.  The mission of the Midland Community Orchestra is to promote and encourage interest in orchestral music through presentation of public concerts and to engage in the educational activity of promoting and encouraging the talent of music artists in concert technique through training sessions and performing for the public.

Harrison District Library - Surrey Home Renovation Project Fund #747

To provide for the design, development, and renovation of the Surrey House as the new location for the Harrison District Library.  If monies remain in the fund upon the completion of the building renovation, it is intended that the fund be converted into the designated endowment, the purpose of which will be the upkeep, maintenance of the library building and to support the general mission of the Harrison District Library.