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Harrison District Library - Surrey Home Renovation Project Fund #747

To provide for the design, development, and renovation of the Surrey House as the new location for the Harrison District Library.  If monies remain in the fund upon the completion of the building renovation, it is intended that the fund be converted into the designated endowment, the purpose of which will be the upkeep, maintenance of the library building and to support the general mission of the Harrison District Library.

Community Success Panel Project Fund #624

To support the Community Success Panel in their efforts to enhance prosperity in Midland County by gathering key stakeholders to envision our best future through sharing ideas, building productive relationships and aligning economic development efforts.  With the project, the Community Success Panel has chosen a service provider capable not only of leading Midland through a strategic planning process, but also effectively identifying and engaging community leaders, civic groups, non-profit organizations, businesses, public institutions and interested individuals required to produce a robust and relevant strategic plan.