Midland is known for the generosity of our citizens. Boasting many family Foundations and charitable funds created to honor great philanthropists in our community, Midland knows our giving nature far exceeds our lifetimes.

The Midland Area Community Foundation has, for many years, been the fortunate recipient of gifts from many, many individuals toward our various works and projects. We enjoy very much being able to send these people letters of thanks and to recognize them in our annual report. The support they provide is most worthy of recognition; publicly noting our appreciation for their generosity is one of our more pleasant functions.

Those who have included the Midland Area Community Foundation in their estate plans, however, have never before been recognized until after the actual gift has been made--after the death of the donor. Most often, we are unaware of the intended gift until after the individual is no longer alive.

It is for this reason that the Midland Area Community Foundation has developed the Legacy Society. The Legacy Society is similar to a club in which membership is determined by a donor's plans to leave a gift to the community foundation. Legacy Society members are also recognized as members of the Foundation itself. The Foundation can recognize members of the Legacy Society in its annual report, at its annual members' meeting and in other small ways. This allows both the Midland Area Community Foundation and the community-at-large to thank donors for their intended contributions during their lifetimes.

Click here for a current list of Legacy Society members.

What Next?

Have YOU named the Midland Area Community Foundation in your giving plans? If so, please contact the Foundation to let us know. We would very much like to talk to you about your plans so we can make provisions to use your gift in the way you desire. In addition, we'd like the opportunity to say, "Thank you!"

If you have not named the Midland Area Community Foundation in your giving plans, but would like to learn more about doing so, contact us to discuss the options. We will then direct you to your attorney or estate planner to work out the details from their perspective.


Contact us - We'd be pleased to help.