Below is a full, alphabetical list of funds held at MACF. For fund descriptions, visit the Fund List page or use the site search function. To make a donation, click the "donate" link at the bottom of any page.

100 Young Professionals Giving Circle Fund

Access to Recreation Endowment Fund

Access to Recreation Project Fund

Administrative Fund

Adoption Option Inc. Endowment Fund

Alan D. Groom Memorial Fund

Albert T. and Margaret H. Maasberg Scholarship Fund

Alden B. Dow Museum of Science and Art Endowment Fund

Alice B. and Earl E. Ziegler Scholarship Fund

American Association of University Women - Midland Branch Endowed Scholarship Fund

Animal Assistance Endowment Fund

Anne Marie Walsh Endowed Scholarship Fund

Annis Closs Horden Memorial Scholarship Fund

Apple Tree Endowment Fund

Arbury Park Sculpture Maintenance Endowment Fund

Arlene and Ross Thompson Advised Fund

Arnold Center Endowment Fund in Memory of Amy VanDeMark

Arthur and Martha McComb Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ashley Sue Adan Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Special Education

Aviation Education Center Endowment Fund

Ayre Rhinehart Community Fund

Barbara M. Burdon Memorial Educational Endowment Fund

Barley MacTavish Project Fund

Barstow Family Fund

Barstow Woods Improvement Fund

Beaverton Lions Club Endowed Scholarship Fund

Beaverton Public Schools Endowment Fund

Ben Walter Memorial Endowment Fund

Bergstein Fund

Bernie Meister Endowed Scholarship Fund

Betty Thompson-Shuler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Big Give Giving Circle Fund

Bob Cole Track & Field and Cross Country Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bob G. Caldwell Memorial Engineering Endowed Scholarship Fund

Brent L. Romain Endowed Scholarship Fund

Brian L. and Debra L. Rodgers Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Brighter Futures Fund

Brock and Mary Neely Family Fund

Buell Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Foster Care Students

Bullock Creek Alumni Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bullock Creek Area Business Association Endowed Scholarship Fund

Bullock Creek School District Endowment Fund

Bullock Creek/Kuehl Family Vocational Training Endowment Fund

Camp Neyati Maintenance Endowment Fund

Cancer Services Endowment Fund

Caregiving Network Endowment Fund

Carl and Esther Gerstacker Fund

Carole Christenson Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Catherine and Charles Gerace Endowment Fund

Catherine and David Ramaker Dow High School Performing Arts Endowed Fund

Catherine Griswold Elliott Endowed Fund

Celebrate Midland Fund

Center Stage Choral Endowment Fund

Center Stage Theatre Endowment Fund

Central Park Band Shell Maintenance Endowed Fund

Chad Schieber Memorial Endowment Fund

Chad William Dunn Memorial Donor-Advised Fund

Charles A. Langhoff Memorial Gymnastics Fund

Charles and Dorothy Ashcraft Fund

Charles E. Pardue Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Charles J. Strosacker Foundation Advised Fund

Chemical City Band Endowment Fund

Children's Grief Center Project Fund

Chippewa Nature Center Endowment Fund

Chippewa Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund

Christian T. and Margaret R. Goralski Endowed Scholarship

Christina J. Fisher Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

City of Midland Senior Housing Improvement Fund

Clara Highhill Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clare County Agricultural Society Endowment Fund

Clare County Community Foundation Administrative Fund

Clare County Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Clare County Healthy Youth/Healthy Seniors Endowment Fund

Clare County Youth and Recreation Endowment Fund

Clare County Youth Fund

Clare Public Schools Endowment Fund

Clare Soccer Complex Project Fund

Clela G. Kortge Orchestral Enrichment Endowment Fund

Coleman Area Library Maintenance Endowment Fund

Colice Pearcy Malek Scholarship Fund

Community Advancement Network Project Fund

Community Place Making Project Fund

Community Success Panel Project Fund

communityGives Project Fund

Connie Keicher Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Corporal Casey P. Zylman Memorial Scholarship Fund

Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (Shelterhouse) Endowment Fund

Creative Spirit Center, Inc. Endowment Fund

Crystal Graham Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Cultural Awareness Endowment Fund

Currie Family Endowment Fund for the Currie Golf Course

Curtis and Barbara Shaffner Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

D. B. Carlsen Family Scholarship

Dahlia Hill Society Endowment Fund

Dale Waller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Daniel and Sarah Kozakiewicz Family Donor-advised Fund

Daniel G. and Ida M. Stevens Agricultural Endowed Scholarship Fund

Daniel J. and Linda N. Cline Endowed Donor-advised Fund

David A. and Kathleen S. Ferguson Donor-advised Family Fund

David and Patricia Kepler Donor-advised Fund

David Grosberg Memorial Fund

Dean and Jane Palmieri Donor-Advised Fund

Deborah Lynn Hawkins Special Educator Endowed Scholarship Fund

Della Keyworth Endowed Scholarship Fund

DeVere and Carole Dennings Donor-advised Endowment

Dixon Endowment Fund for the Midland Center for the Arts

Dixon Endowment Fund for the United Way

Doctors Dale and Lisa Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund

Don Irish Memorial Scholarship Fund

Donald and Barbara Weyenberg Advised Fund

Donald and Grace Irene Lyons Endowed Scholarship Fund

Donald and JoAnn Hawkins Endowment Fund

Donald E. and Marilyn J. Findlay Endowed Donor-advised Fund

Donald R. Weyenberg Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Dorothy Arbury Pinecrest Endowment Fund

Dorothy J. Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dorothy L. Ludington Children's Fund

Dorothy Mae Grice Endowment Fund

Dorothy May Florance Endowed Fund for Family Life Radio

Dorothy May Florance Endowed Fund for the Midland County Habitat for Humanity

Dorothy May Florance Endowed Fund for the Salvation Army

Dorothy O. Minikel Business Education Endowment Fund

Dorothy W. and Elton K. Morris Endowed Scholarship Fund

Douglas and Lorraine Jackson Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Dow Chemical Company Foundation Donor-advised Fund

Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union Employees Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union Members Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dow Corning Foundation Donor Advised Endowment Fund

Dr. Albert A. and Caroline Gunkler Scholarship Fund

Dr. David and Colleen Bremer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Endowment Fund

Dr. Shailer L. Bass Memorial Scholarship Fund

Duane E. and Barbara J. Bremer Scholarship Endowment Fund

Duck Hunters' Memorial Fund

Earl W. and Eva V. Bennett Fund

Eastlawn Elementary School Art Endowment Fund

Eastlawn Elementary Student Supplemental Educational Endowment Fund

Edith Irene ( Stinchcombe) Gieseler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Edith Irene ( Stinchcombe) Gieseler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Edward and Elyse Rogers Donor-advised Fund

Elder/Civitan Scholarhip Endowment Fund

Elena Oreffice Memorial Scholarship Fund

Elissa and Howard Ungerleider Family Donor-advised Fund

Ellis N. Brandt Midland County Historical Society Archives Collection Endowment Fund

Elloweese Denise Freer Endowed Scholarship Fund

Elwood J. and Helen H. Hunemorder Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Energy Initiative Fund

Entranceways Initiative Endowed Maintenance Fund

Entranceways Initiative Fund

Eric B. Schaper Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ernest R. and Martha E. Britton Memorial Fund

Esther and Carl Gerstacker Fund

Ethyl Thrune Memorial Endowment Fund

Eugene B. Skeebo Scholarship Fund

Eugene C. and Mildred G. Yehle Endowed Scholarship Fund

Faith Endowment Fund

Falender Family Meridian High School Endowed Scholarship Fund

Family and Children's Services Endowment Fund

Farwell Area Schools Endowment Fund

Fern Christenson Endowment Fund for the Lake Huron Area Council-Boy Scouts of America

Fern E. Christenson Endowment Fund for the First United Methodist Church

Fern E. Christenson Endowment Fund for the King's Daughters Home

Fern E. Christenson Endowment Fund for the Salvation Army

Fern E. Christenson Scholarship Endowment Fund for Interlochen

Frank and Helen Gerace Endowment Fund

Frank W. and Ethel Dunn O'Brien Memorial Endowment Fund

Fred Doherty Scholarship Fund

Freda and George Hittel Scholarship Fund

Frederic C. Tuttle Memorial Endowment Fund

Friends of Eagle Village Endowment Fund

Friends of MCTV Operating Fund

Fun Zone Maintenance Endowment Fund

Fun Zone Renovation Project Fund

Gary J. Stocking Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

General Scholarship Fund - Earnings

George A. Lane Donor-advised Fund

George E. Olson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

George M. and Ilo E. Martin Memorial Endowment Fund

George Rockwell Charitable Endowment Fund

George Rockwell Memorial Endowment Fund

George W. Romney/United Way of Midland County Volunteer Center Endowment Fund

Gerhard and Ruth Gettel Scholarship Fund

Gerstacker Sculpture Maintenance Endowment Fund

Gertrude Oakes Endowment for King's Daughters Home

Gilbert and Eleanor Currie Christmas Lighting/Santa House Endowment Fund

Give Local Midland Project Fund

Gladwin County Economic Development Corporation Endowment Fund

Gladwin County Endowment Fund

Gladwin County Historical Society Endowment Fund

Gladwin Kiwanis Dallas Falls Memorial Scholarship

Gladys I. Lake Symphony Chair Fund

Glenn R. Garrison Endowed Scholarship Fund

Grace Yu-Sheng Lo Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Great Lakes Bay Regional Fund for Collaborative Programming

Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail Endowment Fund

Great Lakes Safety Training Center Endowed Scholarship Fund

Greater Midland Community Centers Middle School Pools Project Fund

Gustav Dan Hobohm Merrill's Marauders Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gwendolyn Bennett Pike Vocal Music Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gwendolyn M. Bagley Endowed Scholarship Fund

H. M. and Dorothy Christensen Endowment Fund

Harold and Francine Heinze Endowed Scholarship Fund

Harrison Kiwanis Club Endowed Scholarship Fund

Harrison Women's Association Endowed Scholarship Fund

Harry J. Beamish Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Healthy Youth / Healthy Seniors Endowment Fund

Healthy Youth / Healthy Seniors Fund II (Tobacco Settlement)

Helen Lucile Doherty Scholarship Endowment for the Fine and Performing Arts

Helen M. Copus and Floyd Copus Designated Charitable Endowed Fund

Hine Family Donor-advised Fund

Hintz Park Maintenance Endowed Fund

Home Builders Association of Midland Endowed Scholarship Fund

Homelessness Prevention Services Endowment Fund

Hornsby Aviation Education Endowment Fund

Howard and Polly Fenn Endowment Fund

Howard G. Swift, III Memorial Scholarship Fund

Howard L. and Kathleen E. Garrett Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Hugh and Eileen Starks Riverdays Endowed Fund

Hurtubise Family Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Ira George and Virginia Z. Morrison Scholarship Fund

Irene T. Takahashi Memorial Scholarship Fund

J. C. S. Family Fund

J. Cecil and Clara DeRemer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jack Redman DDS Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jacqualine and Dennis Klipa Fund for Physically Handicapped Children

James and Anna Servinski Michigan State University Extension Services Endowment Fund

James Ayre Memorial Scholarship Fund

James E. and Edna I. Johnson Charitable Fund

James E. and Edna I. Johnson Unrestricted Endowment Fund

James F. and Mary R. Hopfensperger Endowed Art Scholarship Fund

James Hohmeyer Endowed Jazz Scholarship Fund

James R. and Anita H. Jenkins Endowed Scholarship for African American Students

James R. and Anita H. Jenkins Endowed Scholarship for Native American Students

James R. and Anita H. Jenkins Endowment Fund

James T. Brooks Memorial Fine Arts Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jan LaCroix Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jane Catherine Rubens Memorial Scholarship Fund

Janet M. Dean Opera Cum Laude Scholarship Endowment Fund

Jay Grosberg Memorial Literacy Endowment Fund

Jay Weaver Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jeanette House Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jenna Paige Munger Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Jessie Maxwell Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jim Malek Central Michigan University STEM Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jim Malek Delta College STEM Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jim Malek Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jim Malek Michigan State University Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jim Malek Saginaw Valley State University STEM Endowed Scholarship Fund

Joe Johnston Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

John A. and Audrey Brown Memorial Endowment Fund

John A. Trumbell Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

John C. Eckhold III Endowed Scholarship Fund

John M. Hoy/Arline Kroeger Endowed Scholarship Fund

John Mullally Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

John W. Ryan Endowed Scholarship Fund

Jon R. Barckholtz Memorial Endowment Fund to benefit the Arc of Midland

Judge James E. "Pinky" Wilson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Karen Lalk Endowed Donor-Advised Fund

Katherine Nehil Dexter / Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment Fund

Kathy Rynearson Homelessness Prevention Services Endowment Fund

Kellogg Youth Fund

Ken and Irma Wildes Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund

Kenneth J. Dubiel Memorial 4-H Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kennett Athletic Assistance Endowment Fund

Kennylou Wold Educational Endowment Fund

Kent S. Dennis Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kevin Gay and Sharron Gay Endowed Donor-advised Fund

Kimberly Featherly Memorial Scholarship Fund

King's Daughters Garden and Grounds Maintenance Endowment Fund

Kinne-Millard Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Kinne-Millard Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund for Gladwin High School

Kirsten Beth Triebes Memorial Scholarship

Kusch Family Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Larry and Anne Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund

Larry C. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund

Laur Big Salt River Park Endowment Fund

Laur Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Laura J. Currie Softball Donor-Advised Fund

Laurence C. and Janet Glover Lang Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lawrence G. and Eleanor Matthews Endowed Scholarship Fund

Letherer Truss Community Fund

Lindsey A. Bashore Donor-advised Fund

Listening Ear Endowment Fund

Little Forks Conservancy Endowment Fund

Loretta G. Lee Endowed Scholarship Fund

Louis "Bud" C. Rubens Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lucas Hammar Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Lyle and Delbert Pevitt Memorial Scholarship Fund

Malek Family Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Margaret T. Guilford Memorial Endowment Fund

Mark E. Carlstrom Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mark S. and Mildred P. Putnam Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Marty and Jan McGuire Endowed Scholarship Fund

Marvin C. and Adele T. Kubitz Memorial Endowment Fund

Mary E. McIntyre Memorial Athletic Fund

Mary Lou Hazleton Leadership Development Endowment Fund

Mary McDonough Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mary Thomas Unrestricted Endowment Fund


Matthew J. Reinke Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Matthew W. Shephard Endowed Scholarship Fund

Maureen Wright King Endowed Scholarship Fund

Memorials and Special Occasions Fund

Men of Music Endowment Fund

Meridian Public Schools Endowment Fund

Meridian Scholarship Fund

Michael and Janet Leslie Memorial Youth Fund

Michael F. Freeland Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Michael W. and Mark A. Carey Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michigan Blood - Ernie Wallace and Howard Ode Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Michigan Molecular Institute Endowment Fund

Michigan Society of Anesthesiology Education and Research Endowment Fund

Mid Michigan Community Action Agency Endowment Fund

Midland Amateur Hockey League Endowment Fund

Midland Area Community Foundation Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Midland Center for the Arts Endowment Fund

Midland Chapter, International Association of Administrative Professionals

Midland Christian Church Endowed Scholarship Fund

Midland Christian School Endowed Scholarship Fund

Midland Community Affairs Council Fund

Midland Community Aviation Discovery Area Project Fund

Midland Community Center Active Adults Endowment Fund

Midland Community Tennis Center Endowment Fund

Midland County Child Protection Council/Safe & Sound Child Advocacy Center Endowment Fund

Midland County College Access Network Project Fund

Midland County Council on Aging Endowment Fund

Midland County Court Charitable Families Endowment Fund

Midland County Drug Court Fund

Midland County Emergency Food Pantry Network Endowment Fund

Midland County Health Initiative Endowment Fund

Midland County Historical Society Endowment Fund

Midland County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship Endowment Fund

Midland County Parks Averill Rollway Fund

Midland County Preschool Education Assistance Endowment Fund

Midland County Rail-Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund

Midland County Sports Hall of Fame Endowment Fund

Midland County Veterans' Memorial Endowment Fund

Midland County Violence Prevention Partnership Endowment Fund

Midland County Violence Prevention Partnership Project Fund

Midland County Youth Leadership Endowment Fund

Midland- Interlochen Scholarship Fund

Midland Junior Little League Baseball Project Fund

Midland Neighboring Project Fund

Midland Public Schools Arthur C. Frock Endowment Fund

Midland Public Schools Looking Sharp Project Fund

Midland Public Schools Sports Facility Improvement Fund for Youth

Midland Section American Chemical Society Endowed Scholarship Fund

Midland Soccer Club Endowment Fund

Midland Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund

Midland's Open Door Endowment Fund

Mid-Michigan Industries Endowment Fund

MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland Endowment Fund

MidMichigan Medical Center - Midland Volunteers Scholarship Fund

Mid-Michigan Transitions Project Fund

MITECH Plus, Inc. Endowed Scholarship Fund

Nancy and Parke Brown Scholarship

Noah Elliott Cummings Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Non-Motorized Transportation Endowed Fund

Northwood University Scholarship Endowment Fund

Opperman Family Donor-advised Fund

Ormond E. Barstow Memorial Endowment Fund

Orrin H. and Eleanor L. Barrett Community Needs Endowment Fund

Orrin H. and Eleanor L. Barrett Endowment Fund

Pamela J. Rowe Endowed Music Scholarship Fund

Pat Bywater Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

Peele Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Pendell Family Scholarship Endowment Fund

Pere Marquette District Library Endowment Fund

Personal Assistance Options Consumer Needs and Dreams Endowment Fund

Pete Marsh Endowed Scholarship Fund

Peter J. Kendall Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Phoebe Barstow Symphony Chair Fund

Phyllis N. Pankratz Music Education Fund

Pilgrim Technology Women in Business Endowed Scholarship Fund

PMRT Gateway Link Fund

Pregnancy Resource Center Endowment Fund

Public Library Development Endowment Fund

R. W. and Ruth Caldwell Fund

Ralph and Faye Prescott Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ralph and Imogene Beattie Memorial Endowment Fund

Rapp Family Donor-advised Fund

Ray and Flora Hart Scholarship Endowment Fund

Reece Community Living Endeavor Endowed Fund

Reed Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund

Reine M. Doherty Community Fund

Reine M. Doherty Scholarship Fund

Richard A. and Mary Lou Hazleton Endowment Fund

Richard and Evelynn Fay Koontz Endowed Scholarship Fund

Richard Dean and Evelynn Fay Koontz Memorial Endowment Fund

Richard E. Woodward Family Endowed Engineering Scholarship Fund

Richard G. Waterman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Richard L. and Bonnie E. Rhinehart Endowed Fund

Richard Thrune Marksmanship Endowed Fund

Rick and Jan Reynolds Family Donor-advised Fund

Risha and Julius (Jay) Grosberg Fund


Riverside Place Endowment Fund

Robert and Barbara Stoppert Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert and Barbara Stoppert Recognition Endowment Fund

Robert and Mary Lou (Krchmar) Ames Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert Asa Smith Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Robert B. Reinhart and Jean W. Reinhart Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert E. and Beverly V. Erickson Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robert W. and Veronica M. Cermak Fund

Robert W. Cermak Engineering Scholarship

Roger and Virginia H. Gohrband Endowed Fund

Roger Jennings Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Roland R. Weaver Memorial Endowment Fund

Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation Donor-Advised Fund

Ross and Arlene Thompson Endowed Donor-advised Fund

Rupprecht Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ruth B. Bishop Memorial Endowment Fund

Ruth D. Stenger Symphony Chair

Ruth M. Rice Memorial Endowment Fund

S. Preston Jones Photographic Art Endowment Fund

Sanford Historical Society Endowment Fund

Sarah Keishian Dergazarian Vocal Music Education Endowment Fund

Sharon Bartos Sarcoma Education and Research Endowment Fund

Sharon Brady Michigan Technological University Alpha Delta Alpha Sorority Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sharon F. Kalina Scholarship Endowment for Special Services Graduates

Sharon L. Sims / PAWS WITH A CAUSE Endowment Fund

Sheriff John S. Reder Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sons of The American Legion Squadron 404 Endowed Scholarship Fund

SOS Animal Rescue Personal Pet Assistance Fund

Special Endowment Fund

Spirit of Community Unrestricted Endowment Fund

Stephen D. Redman, M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stephen E. Gorman Memorial Fund

Steven & Kathleen Dolan Endowed Scholarship Fund

Stuart Miller Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Stuart S. and Katherine K. Branson Endowment Fund

Sue "Dominowski" Schindler Endowed Scholarship Fund

Susan Olney Cozat Endowed Scholarship Fund

Talisa J. Waterman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Taylor University Endowed Scholarship Fund

Terry and Carleen Moore Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Legacy Center for Community Success Endowment Fund

Thomas F. and Holly A. Valent Endowment Fund

Thomas F. and Holly A. Valent Santa House Endowment Fund

Thomas L. Staples Endowed Scholarship Fund

Three Rivers Corporation Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Thrune Park Fund

Thurman O. Sr. and Mary E. Armstrong Educational Endowment Fund

Timothy Korth Endowed Donor-Advised Fund

Tom Gilstad Bullock Creek Endowed Scholarship Fund

Trackless Train (Polar Express) Project Fund

Tridge Endowment Fund

Turner Alfrey, Jr. Scholarship Fund

Vernon A. Stenger Symphony Chair

Virginia A. (Nicholson) Dent Endowed Fund

Volunteer Center of Clare County Endowment Fund

W. Herman Gieseler Endowed Scholarship Fund

W. Herman Gieseler Endowed Scholarship Fund for Chippewa Hills High School

Wallace R. and Bernice E. Leslie Memorial Fund

Walter and Therese Cepela Endowed Scholarship Fund

West Midland Family Center / Dow College Opportunity Endowment Fund

Weyant M. Pangborn Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund

White Family Donor-advised Endowment Fund

Whiting Overlook Park Endowment Fund

Willard H. and Martha P. Dow Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

William C. and Rosella E. Bauman Family Donor-advised Fund

William H. Schuette Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

William R. and Ruth B. Dixon Donor-advised Endowed Fund

Wolverine Bank Business Scholarship Fund

Zachary Robinson Ewert Donor Advised Endowed Fund

Zonta Club of Midland Fund