MCYAC Youth Philanthropy Mini-Grant

MCYAC recognizes that youth learn philanthropy by being philanthropists and want to support Midland County youth in learning how to be generous, to practice good stewardship, and to serve their communities.  We would like to provide youth with opportunities to make real change in their communities and to enable youth who might not otherwise be able to follow through on their passion in making a difference in their communities.  Proposals should be unique projects designed to benefit citizens of a specific governmental or educational entity or charitable organization (possessing 501(c)3 status).  Preference will be given to projects designed to benefit Midland County Organizations.

Funding Level: Up to $500 per Youth per rolling calendar year

Eligibility: All Midland County Youth of school age (kindergarten through grade 12) will be eligible to apply. While more than one grant may be submitted, only one grant will be awarded per Youth per rolling calendar year. Note that all projects must be completed in the same rolling calendar year (i.e., a grant gifted in Oct 2019 must be used by Oct 2020).

Evaluation Process: The Midland County Youth Action Council will review requests most months during the academic year.   The MCYAC Coordinator will review requests for the remainder of the calendar year using Council approved evaluation process.   Requests are due by day 15.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact: Potential to improve organization services; potential to provide unique service to an under-served population
  • Planning: Clear realistic plan for project implementation; youth capability; cost effectiveness and reasonable budget
  • Existing Resources:  Funding will not supplant existing funding, nor is it meant to replace services currently offered.

Excluded Projects: Mini-grant applications will not be considered for political or religious activities, missions, or teachings; for equipment that is not an integral part of the project; for salaries or incentives for volunteers; for previously incurred debt.

Required Reporting:   Unused funds must be returned to the Foundation at the end of the rolling calendar year in which the grant was awarded.