Neighboring Week

Midland County Neighboring Week Events


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Community Events:


Arnold Center, Inc

“Cookies and Community” during Neighboring Week!

Arnold Center is celebrating neighboring week by delivering cookies to our physical neighbors as well as agencies that we work closely with.  This is a closed event, but we will be sharing our efforts on social media. Arnold Center serves and supports people with disabilities and other barriers.  They promote inclusion and belonging within our community and believe that neighboring is the core of these efforts.  To have a strong community, we need to have a diverse community.  A simple conversation with a neighbor will help open those doors.

Live Oak Coffeehouse: Neighboring Week events all week long (September 27 – October 3)!  RSVP to the Facebook event HERE and click on the “discussion” tab of the page to see all events!

Serendipity Road: One of our favorite events of the year is Neighboring Week brought to us by the Cultural Awareness Coalition (part of the Midland Area Community Foundation).  They work to help make Midland County a place where everyone is accepted, included, and feels a sense of belonging. They believe that work starts in your neighborhood! Join us September 27 – October 3 to celebrate and keep making steps to a stronger community!  We are super excited to support Neighboring Week by having a weeklong Fun with Books event with guest readers, fun actives, and opportunities to spread love all over our community.  Join us everyday September 27-Oct 2 at 10 am in Serendipity Lounge on Main St.
*will be inside if inclement weather occurs

Shifts are available 9am -12pm and 1pm – 4pm on September 22 & 30
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Memorial Presbyterian Church: Children are invited to read the Bible story of the good Samaritan in Luke 10:25–37. They will discuss what it means to be a good neighbor. Using a favorite recipe, families are asked to prepare it and share it with a neighbor. Children will learn to say hello to neighbors in different languages. Families are encouraged to donate a box of items to a neighborhood organization, such as groceries and cleaning items to the HELP Food Pantry. Children will get creative with a mosaic art project to share with family and neighbors. Lastly, children are encouraged to send an October 31 birthday greeting to their favorite neighbor and pastor, Wally Mayton. We’ll celebrate the end of our neighboring activities in a Zoom chat at the end of the month.

September 27th starts Neighboring Week in Midland! Join Midland Parks and Recreation, in collaboration with the Midland County Historical Society,  in getting to know your neighborhood parks by participating in our 2nd annual History Mystery Scavenger Hunt! Register here starting September 27th! #midlandneighboring

St. John’s Episcopal Church: St. John’s will recognize Neighboring Week in several ways. The connection to World Communion Sunday is a natural fit. Our Christian Formation offering – Wondering with the Word will be a sharing of the World Communion Story from Godly Play. This story will feature our brand new World Communion set purchased as a memorial to long-time parishioner and teacher, Jeanne Watt and, the storyteller will be her daughter Alicia Watt. Our musical offerings will continue the theme of neighbors near and far, including Siyahamba, Love is Love is Love is Love, and All Are Welcome. Alysia Christy, Director of Community Impact, Midland Area Cultural Awareness Coalition will share what neighboring means in her context. One of the Neighboring Week Murals will be on-site during Neighboring Week. We will carry the Neighboring theme to the streets following our worship as the St. John’s CROP Walk team joins with others to help “End Hunger One Step at a Time.”

For more information, follow St. John’s Episcopal Church on Facebook HERE


The Dahlia Hill Society: Neighboring Week Dahlia Photo Contest. This year for Dahlia Hill Society’s photo contest we added a category focusing on dahlias and neighbors.  Photographers can take photos with neighbors at Dahlia Hill, or submit photos of neighbors with dahlias in their own neighborhood garden.  The contest is open until October 15 so it will extend beyond this specific week.

For more information (and to participate in the contest!), follow The Dahlia Hill Society on Facebook HERE

Disability Network of Mid-Michigan: “We are sharing joy with our neighbors and invite you to stop by for coffee and conversation. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

For more information, follow Disability Network of Mid-Michigan on Facebook HERE