CMF Awards YACer of the Month to Katie Flint

"YACer of the Month" is an award given by the Michigan Community Foundations Youth Project (MCFYP) Committee to a young person who is passionate about youth philanthropy and helping the youth in his/her community through grantmaking and youth empowerment.

Characteristics of the YACer of the Month

  • Knowledgeable about grantmaking

  • Works well with others

  • Communicates well

  • Leadership roles in the YAC

  • Excellent involvement in meetings

  • Cares about community issues

  • Involved with service and the community outside of YAC

YACer of the Month: Katie Flint
E-NewsKatie joined the Midland Area Community Foundation YAC last fall, "hit the ground running and hasn't stopped yet," according to her YAC Advisor Lynn Heil. Often new members take a while to acclimate, but not Katie. Her involvement includes serving as the YAC ambassador at the community foundation's annual meeting last year, being elected as YAC vice president and serving as one of two youth trustees on the foundation's board of trustees. Heil said she is impressed with all that Katie has accomplished and "she is an absolute joy to work with!"
Congratulations Katie!