Foundation and MSC Partner for Lightning Prediction System

December 21, 2009

For Immediate Release

Submitted by;  Midland Soccer Club, Lovisa Golder,

The Midland Area Community Foundation awarded the Midland Soccer Club a grant in the amount of $3,855 for the purchase and installation of a Lightning Prediction System.

There are on average 200 deaths a year due to lightning strikes with a majority of those deaths in the Midwest, Northeast and South Central United States. In a typical year, that is more deaths then caused by tornados and hurricanes combined. Many of those deaths can be prevented by lightning prediction systems that warn when the conditions are prime for a lightning strike. When lightning is imminent, the system sounds an alarm and flashes lights warning people in the area to seek cover.

“We are grateful for the support of the Midland Area Community Foundation in helping to improve the safety of our complex” said Lovisa Golder, Midland Soccer Club Director. “Safety is one of our top priorities. During the Spring, Summer and Fall months, our complex is used daily by our members as well as other local community organizations including schools, colleges and the special Olympics. It will be reassuring to know that the individuals using our fields will have a system in place to keep them safe from lightning strikes.”

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