White Pine Celtic Arts Council Plays Friday Night

The White Pine Celtic Arts Council is a special Midland treasure and the Midland Area Community Foundation is pleased to highlight their performance at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening as part of RIVERDAYS, 2009. The White Pine Celtic Arts Council is a unique group of performers. The group is about fellowship and celebrating the art of traditional Scottish music and dance. Anyone can practice with the group each Wednesday night and anyone can come and learn the traditional dances or how to play the bagpipes or drums “We come together each week and it really is an opportunity for us to be creative and share in our enjoyment of Scottish music . It really is a fun group of people.” says Bob Monticello, president of the White Pine Celtic Arts Council. Monticello continued:
There are many other bands around the nation… but our band is unique in that we have not just the pipes and drums but also the dancers, which gives the audience a broad perspective of the Celtic culture and the heritage. We also give background about the significance of the songs, how they were used in battle, how they were used to inspire the troops… Each dance is comprised of unique characteristics and movements. We take time to explain the dances and music ahead of time which allows the audience to watch for certain things. It means a lot more to the audience when they know more about the history and cultural relevance.

The White Pine Celtic Arts Council plays around the state at many festivals and events. This unique group of performers are very dedicated to the craft and the group is supported by local donations. The White Pine Celtic Arts Council, through local support, sponsors the Midland Highland Festival each June at the Tridge which brings together all sorts of Scottish culture including music, dance, sheep herding and athletics.

Scottish Highland Bagpipes were traditionally played by soldiers and is the only instrument that has been considered a weapon of war. While Scottish Highland Bagpipes are no longer a weapon of war, they are certainly an impressive and iconic instrument that everyone wants to know more about. The White Pine Celtic Arts Council will be performing this Friday at RIVERDAYS on the Chippewassee Park side of the Tridge at 6:00 p.m. To find out more about participating, look over their website at: http://www.midlandpipeband.org/