2009 Scholarship Ceremony

Midland Area Community Foundation Hosts Evening of Scholarship Awards

Midland, MI June 1-The Midland Area Community Foundation hosted an evening of scholarship awards at the Midland County Fairground's Gerstacker Center on Monday, June 1, 2009.

The evening began with the opportunity for the scholarship donors and recipients to meet and converse while enjoying refreshments.  Donors, board members, committee members, recipients and families shared in the positive atmosphere.  Nearly 250 people attended the event and 114 scholarships were awarded this year. These scholarships will assist students with beginning or continuing post-secondary educational opportunities.

Whitney_Merritt_speakersm.jpgWhitney Merritt, winner of the West Midland Family Center - Dow College Opportunity Scholarship, sang the national anthem to start the formal ceremony. The crowd sat down as the Midland Area Community Foundation's Board Chair Jim Hop and Secretary Melissa Barnard described the dedication and generosity of those who created scholarship funds. They also applauded the dedication the scholarship recipients to their education. Whitney Merritt then shared her story. Her moving recollection of her high school years was touching. She spoke of overcoming shyness and she described what motivated her to move from an incredibly shy teen to standing in front of 250 people at the Gerstacker Center. Her personal story was an inspiration to anyone who has dared to believe in themselves and has worked hard to move forward.

scholarships_awardedsm_.jpgThe Midland Area Community Foundation manages the scholarship process of matching the donors with recipients and was proud to host an evening of ceremony celebrating these donors and recipients.  The Midland Area Community Foundation strengthens our community by providing leadership, fostering collaboration on local needs and issues, and encouraging a legacy of giving through grants, scholarships, and events.
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