Midland Area Community Foundation Proud to present "Ripple Effect"

rippleeffect_logoThe Midland Area Community Foundation is pleased to present the first annual "Ripple Effect" event on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at the Holiday Inn on Cinema Drive here in Midland.

"We at the Foundation are constantly inspired by the generosity of this community", said Jan McGuire, President and CEO of the Foundation. "We are so rich in philanthropy here and we wanted to share that with everyone so we decided to host the Ripple Effect."  The event will focus on the outcomes of philanthropy in our community by highlighting some of the impact through recipient stories.  The evening also includes the awarding of the Midland Area Community Foundation's Philanthropy Award.  "We don't think our recipient will be a huge surprise to everyone," said McGuire, "Everyone already knows the person we are presenting the award to, but we feel this person is truly an embodiment of the philanthropic nature of our community and we are thrilled to be able to recognize them in public."  The awardee is a secret until the day of the event.

After the awarding of the Midland Area Community Award, the Foundation is going to make a very special announcement involving some new philanthropic efforts that some key community members have embarked on.  "The announcement involves our local community leaders, our schools and the Foundation as well; it truly speaks to the dedication of our community to youth and to  education, we can't wait to share it." said McGuire.

On October 6, 2009, the Foundation is hosting the Ripple Effect for the entire community.  There is no cost to attend but RSVPs are requested.  RSVPs can be emailed to info@midlandfoundation.org or called in to 989-839-9661.