Addressing Bullying in Our Community

Bullying affects more and more children each year and with more serious consequences than ever.  Tom Harrison of Cadillac, Michigan knows this better than anyone.  His son, Alex, took his own life in February of 2009 as a result of the bullying he endured.

Tom's mission is to raise awareness to the epidemic problem of bullying in our schools.  He delivers a powerful message of love and respect that helps his audience address situations they encounter on a daily basis.

Tom will be presenting to any Midland County educator or professional who works with youth and wishes to attend a free presentation on Dec. 6, 2010 at Bullock Creek High School.

Tom uses examples of his own son to make the students aware of the serious impact their words and actions can have on those around them.  He has received many letters from students thanking him for sharing his and Alex's message.  Many of them state that they will never bully again and will do all in their power to put an end to bullying and aggressive behavior in their schools.  It is a powerful and positive message delivered by a concerned father who never wants another child, family, school or community to endure what he and his family have gone through.

This presentation was coordinated by the Midland Area Community Foundation’s Violence Prevention Partnership.  “Bullying is on the rise on our schools nationwide and we in Midland County feel it’s important to address it immediately and in a way that hopefully will allow us to recognize and intervene in these situations,” said Ken Mault of the Foundation.