Continuing a Treasured Musical Tradition for the Next 100 Years

chemical city bandThe Chemical City Band has been in existence almost as long as Midland itself and is widely known as Midland’s summer band. Originally named the Big Red Band, the talented group of performers has been creating music for Midland for 101 years. Just last year, like so many, the band found itself without funding, With generous support from Charter Communications and the public, the Band continued to offer free concerts in Central Park during the 2010 summer season. However, band members knew that additional means were going to be necessary to keep the tradition alive.

The Chemical City Band Endowment Pinecone Fund at the Midland Area Community Foundation has been formed to sustain the tradition of free band concerts at the park during the summer. A Pinecone Fund is the beginning of a permanent endowment at the Foundation. It allows a donor or an organization to start with $1,000 and work toward a $5,000 goal within five years. Once the $5,000 minimum is met, the fund will be fully devoted to sustaining the band to play summer concerts.  “Pinecone Funds are a great way for a nonprofit to get started in creating sustainable funding,” said Jan McGuire, President and CEO of the Foundation.

“We know that Wednesday summer night band concerts are a long standing tradition for many families in the Midland area,” said Bob Johnson, president of the Chemical City Band.  “We believe this tradition is worth maintaining.  Because the traditional funding from the city of Midland is not now available, we are looking to the community for help.  Contributions, either now or perhaps legacy gifts, would be very helpful.”

Contributions to the Chemical City Band Endowment Pine Fund can be made to the Midland Area Community Foundation. Please call 989-839-9661 or visit to learn more.