Unprecedented Change in Grant Giving

The Midland Area Community Foundation has been making grants since 1974.  Traditionally, the Foundation gives grants only to new projects, programs and capital investments.  Projects like The Tridge, Entranceways Initiative, the Skate Park, the Backpack Buddies program and the Tri Kids Try Triathlon.  This sound policy of grant making has served the Foundation well in its 37 years of operation.

However, in a unanimous decision by the Board of Trustees this week, the Foundation has decided to increase the grants budget in 2010 to include a temporary limited pool of operational funding for Midland County nonprofits.  This new grant program, which will allow the Foundation to support operational and administrative funding, is absolutely unprecedented in the history of the Foundation.

The pool of grant money will be in addition to the Foundation’s usual annual unrestricted grant funds and is being designated for use in 2010 only.  The funding will be available to bridge budget gaps in 2010 in order to assist nonprofits as they continue their service to community members as need continues to increase.

The Midland Area Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees felt that the state of the economy and the increased demand on local nonprofit service organizations warranted proactive measures.  “This is a necessary thing for our community,” said Jim Hop, Chair of the Board of Trustees. “Our nonprofit community is facing state funding cuts, reductions from other funding sources and increased need from our citizens.  We are a community foundation, here for the sole purpose of supporting our community. Part of our strength lies in our ability to be flexible stewards and adapt to change.  We are certainly living in a time of change and we feel it is our responsibility to address the needs we see in our community.”

The granting program is still being finalized but nonprofits will be able to apply in 2010.  Nonprofit’s financial budgets and programming will be reviewed by a volunteer committee, and awards will be given to assist with 2010 budgets.  Information about opportunities to apply will be posted on the Foundation’s website and Facebook page in the next two months.