Osborn Award Nominations Being Collected

Nomination Form HERE

The Midland Area Community Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2009 Lloyd Osborn Award.  This award is given annually to a person who best exhibits the qualities of service to youth, sports and the community, as did the late Lloyd Osborn.  As a teacher, coach and athletic director at Northeast Intermediate School, Lloyd Osborn made a very significant contribution to the growth and development of the many youngsters with whom he worked.  He was known for his dedication to both academic and athletic excellence, and the people of Midland benefited greatly from his presence.

Any person who is or has been engaged in the coaching or teaching of sports, or has been in a leadership position in organized sports activities in Midland County is eligible to be nominated for the Osborn Award.

Previous recipients of the Award have been Stan Paskiewicz, Herb Scogg, Julius Blasy, Robert Stoppert, David Russell, Keith Carey, Roger Maier, Joseph Ostrofsky, Donald Kasper, Gary Francis, Eino Pulkiner, Steven Marsh, Ernest Carter, Jimmy Walsh, Anna Unkovich, Tom Hursey, Bill Mick, Stewart Rathbun, Roger Karr, Bill Grebe, Dick Page, Dick Blasy, Susan Thering, Al Quick, Terry Hanley, Jenny Roan, Frank Altimore, Marty McGuire, and Ann Gach

Nomination forms may be obtained on the Midland Area Community Foundation web site, www.midlandfoundation.org.  Forms may also be obtained from the following sources:

*         The Midland Area Community Foundation

*         The Midland Community Center

*         The administration offices of Bullock Creek, Coleman and Meridian Public Schools

*         The athletic chairperson of any of Midland Public’s five secondary schools

The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2010.  For more information, contact Ken Mault at 989-839-9661.