Two grants totaling $98,000.00 and a low interest government loan worth $142,000.00 have been awarded to the City of Gladwin to be used for renovations and an addition to the Gladwin Police Department facility.  The Gladwin City Administrator and Police Department were recently notified of the awards.

The first grant in the amount of $20,000.00 was awarded by the Midland Area Community Foundation.  The Midland Area Community Foundation strengthens our community by providing leadership, fostering collaboration on local needs and issues, and encouraging a legacy of giving through grants, scholarships and events.

A second grant in the amount of $78,000.00 and the government loan were awarded by the U.S.D.A. Rural Development.

The Police Department is currently housed in one half of a duplex owned by the City at the entrance to the Gladwin City Park.  The park and duplex were deeded to the City of Gladwin by the State of Michigan.  Renovations planned for the facility include the incorporation of the second half of the duplex, a complete remodel of both halves of the duplex and the addition of a two story four car garage.  The lower part of the addition or garage portion will be used to provide security for the Police Department’s vehicle.  The second story will be the new squad room where the officers conduct interviews, process evidence and write reports.

“We are extremely pleased to receive these awards to help defray the costs of the renovation project.  The project has been long overdue.  After attempts to build a joint law enforcement center in Gladwin which would have housed multiple law enforcement agencies fell through, it was decided to go it alone.  We look at the options of building new, buying and renovating an existing building in the City or renovating our current facility.  The location of the current facility and cost effectiveness of addition/remodel by far outweighed the other options.” advised City Administrator, Robert Moffit

“We are hoping to break ground and have the project completed yet this summer.  We extend our deepest appreciation to the Midland Area Community Foundation and the UDSA Rural Development for these awards.” added Chief of Police, Charles Jones.