RIVERDAYS is Coming!

RIVERDAYSRIVERDAYS is a time-honored community tradition in Midland organized by the Midland Area Community Foundation since 1985.  This year’s RIVERDAYS festival will be July 16 and 17.

“This year the event has been updated in a way that all of us at the Midland Area Community Foundation are really excited about,” said Jan McGuire, President and CEO.  “We’ve added quite a few exciting new events, we think that RIVERDAYS is where people will want to be on July 16 and 17.”RIVERDAYS

The entire festival will be on the Chippewassee Park side of the river this year, and activities will be continuous throughout from Friday at 5:00 pm and all day Saturday. The Midland Area Community Foundation will host the Midland Rotary Club’s beer tasting fundraiser on Friday night, the Chippewa Nature Center’s fundraising cookout, and a mud volleyball tournament. To add to an already festive evening, the Foundation is excited to present The Verve Pipe for the free evening concert.  “The Verve Pipe is a nationally recognized band with local roots and we are thrilled to have them,” said Lynn Heil, one of the event organizers.

In addition to the Friday night concert, The Verve Pipe will also perform a kids’ concert on Saturday. The Foundation has also added the All American Lumberjack Show. Not only will the Lumberjacks perform,” said Dave Kell, event organizer, “There will be a sports camp where children and adults can actually participate in crosscut sawing and log rolling too.”

RIVERDAYS has a proud history as a community celebration and cherished activities will remain. Wolverine Fireworks and the Polish Pyros will continue to provide the spectacular fireworks on Saturday night after a performance by The Sinclairs Band, the reenactors will show visitors what it was like to live in the early settlements of the area, and the vintage base ball teams will entertain spectators with no-mitts baseball. Refreshments, children’s activities, the petting zoo, the Milk Jug Raft Race, and traditional flag raising with the Lewis and Clark Fife and Drum Corps and the Tittabawassee Valley Fife & Drum Corps will all remain a treasured part of the annual Midland RIVERDAYS festival.

For a complete schedule:  Please visit out website. www.midlandfoundation.org