The Legend Lives On

There is a special group of Midland’s pioneers represented at RIVERDAYS (July 16 and 17) this year.  Lumberjacks… They opened the land to farms and cities, help build America and became the legends of the forest. The tales of there feats are as big as a pine tree and lumberjacks always claimed to be the best. The legend lives on in the All American Lumberjack Show... two teams, ten exciting lumberjack events, 10,000 gallons of water and everyone comes out a winner. Get ready to compete... we just may need you.

The All American Lumberjack Show will perform shows throughout the evening on Friday July 16 and throughout the day on Saturday July 17 at scheduled times.  In addition to professional lumberjacks demonstrating their skills, the audience will have the opportunity to participate as well during Lumberjack Sport Camps.

LUMBERJACK SPORT CAMPS - Before chain saws were invented, Lumberjacks had Big X- Cut Saws to cut the trees down… six feet long with teeth as big as a bears. It takes two to pull these saws, you on one end and your partner on the other. After you worked up a sweat pulling your end of the saw you might want to head on over to the log rolling tank to try your luck at log rolling. Floating in the water is a big lathed turned log that weighs over 600 pounds and it’s your job to stay on top and not fall in. Looks easy… but bring a towel, you’re going to get wet. Log rolling was a skill that was needed for lumberjacks that guided the logs down the river in a Log Drive. It’s known as the favorite sport of the lumberjack and is our most difficult event to learn. Want to try again?  Just get back in line.

If practicing your Lumberjack skills is a little too involved for you, you can always watch the chain saw carving activities. Chain saws were invented in the early 1950’s for the sole purpose of replacing the x-cut saws that were used to cut logs. Since then chain saws have been designed for many more uses including chain saw carving. With light weight saws, special bars, a plain old log and a lot of practice, lumberjacks are able to carve just about anything imaginable including bears, eagles, turtles, fish, cactus, mushrooms, etc. The carvings are for sale.

RIVERDAYS is a packed event this year with The Verve Pipe, All American Lumberjack Show, Mud Volleyball, The Milk Jug Raft Race, Fireworks, Michigan Beer Tasting, The Sinclairs Band, and so much more.  All schedule details will be posted at the event and can be found at