Mitch Bohn named Bob Stoppert Coach of the Year

Mitch Bohn Mitch Bohn

The Stoppert Selection Committee named Meridian Public School’s Mitch Bohn as this year’s Bob Stoppert Coach of the Year.  The Bob Stoppert Coach of the Year award was established to recognize a coach who has done an outstanding job of coaching the previous fall, winter or spring sports season. As a father, coach, and role model, Bob Stoppert devoted a majority of his life investing in young people.  In addition to his coaching experience, Stoppert was also a teacher at Midland High School, a member of the Lions Club for 56 years, an active member of the Methodist Church, and a veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Almost six years ago, a group of friends and the Stoppert family started a fund with the Midland Area Community Foundation to recognize Bob and Bobbie Stoppert’s contribution to the community of Midland. They formed not only the Coach of the Year Award, but two funds to assist educators, one being a scholarship fund for aspiring teachers, the other a fund to honor Bobbie Stoppert’s dedication to Chestnut Hill Elementary School.

Mitch Bohn is a true embodiment of the qualities recognized by the Bob Stoppert Coach of the Year Award.  He has served Meridian High School as the head basketball coach since the 1997-1998 school year.  His accomplishments include five Jack Pine Conference Championships, nine district championships, and one regional championship.  With his win total of 198 at Meridian High School, he is on his way to reach 200 in the next season.

In addition to his incredible basketball record, Mitch Bohn has served Meridian High School as an athletic director, assistant principal and math teacher.  Furthermore, he volunteers with younger students in the Sanford Youth Baseball and Basketball Leagues.  His commitment to the youth of the community is clear and his dedication to excellence is obvious in his emphasis on successful academics not only for his classroom students but also for his team.  Mitch’s emphasis was on personal excellence for all players on and off the court.

The award was presented to Mitch Bohn on September 21st during a dinner at the Midland Country Club hosted by the Lions Club. Lions Club members, friends of Bob Stoppert, Midland Area Community Foundation staff and Mitch Bohn’s family and colleagues attended to honor him as the recipient of the Bob Stoppert Coach of the Year award.

It is clear that Mitch Bohn is a talented and dedicated coach who has proven his longstanding commitment to youth in our community based on his record. The Midland Area Community Foundation is honored to manage the fund and coordinate a selection committee to make this award possible.