Renovations Planned for the Midland Santa House

In 1987, the Santa House was constructed.  Since then, the Santa House has been one of those special Midland places.  The tradition of the Courthouse Lighting & visiting Santa has been a part of the holidays in Midland that has led to lifelong memories for so many people.  And not only is the Santa House a lifelong memory for our residents; people come from all over the country to visit this spectacular house.

After all these years, the Santa House needs some repairs and an addition or two.  The Midland Area Community Foundation has undertaken the effort with a fundraising and renovation project.  The Santa House Renovation project hopes to raise $250,000 to add bathrooms, a new roof, some window repair and a new computer for the Glockenspiel clock.

“These repairs and additions are going to benefit our whole community,” said Jan McGuire, President  and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation. “The treasured memories of families during the holidays is really something unique that this one amazing place offers to families.”  The Santa House is completely free for area families, making it a special holiday experience for everyone who wants to come visit Santa.

There is a special match opportunity for donors from December 1 through December 14.  Every dollar donated will be matched by two additional dollars. This means that if someone contributes ten dollars, thirty dollars will be contributed toward this project.  The match will end December 14. Donate now

The Santa House Renovation will begin in the spring of 2012 and be ready by the holiday season in 2012.