Tridge’s 30th This Year at Riverdays

What has three legs but never walks, is 30 years old but has never grown an inch, and supported our community members but never given a dollar?

The Tridge The Tridge

The Tridge has been a unique symbol of Midland for three decades. Have you walked it lately? How about the kids? Come down for Riverdays this year on July 16 to help us celebrate this unique part of our community and our shared history.   July 16, 2011 the Midland Area Community Foundation will be having a party for the Tridge’s  30th Birthday. There will be birthday cake, bubbles, and some very special young people in our community will share their favorite memories.  Walk the Tridge. Get a free wood branding souvenir to remember the trip. Take pictures. Laugh. Enter the three-legged race. Eat cake. Enjoy the sunshine. Reconnect with your community.

See you there!

For more information about Riverdays, look up the Midland Area Community Foundation website at: /