Midland Area Coummunity Foundation Awards Grant to Local Youth Organization

- Submitted by Young Life- Gladwin
Gladwin, Mich. – The Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF), at the recommendation of the Gladwin County Youth Action Council,  has awarded a $5,000 grant to Gladwiyoung lifen Young Life to support the start up of WyldLife, Young Life’s outreach program for middle school students.

Young Life has been making an impact on the lives of Dow and Midland High School students for nearly 50 years, and thanks to a grant awarded by MACF to Young Life earlier this year, Young Life recently began reaching kids at Central, Jefferson and Northeast middle schools. Young Life is thrilled to now start reaching middle school kids in Gladwin through this additional grant.
Young Life, a non-denominational, worldwide youth ministry founded in 1941, is unique in it’s approach of reaching kids by going to wherever they may be.  Young Life and WyldLife leaders show up to kids’ sporting events, school lunchrooms and their local hangouts just to get to know them on their turf. These mentors enter kids’ worlds with no expectation of who kids should be, but with every hope for who they can become.  They build positive, lifelong relationships with young people, modeling unconditional love and showing them how to live life to the fullest and handle the struggles of everyday life.

Middle school kids want excitement, heart-pounding adventure and a caring community. That’s what WyldLife delivers. Regular gatherings during the school year called “club” offer a safe place for fun and laughter and a chance for kids to hear an inspirational message from one of their leaders and mentors. Then there’s the adventure of WyldLife camp — a weekend during the school year or a week during the summer that is full of adventure, friendship and fun. A portion of the funding from MACF will be used to send Gladwin middle school kids to camp.  Time and time again, kids describe their time at WyldLife camp as the “best week of their lives.”  The  generosity of MACF will make this amazing experience a reality for students who would not otherwise have been able to attend WyldLife camp.

Young Life has a long legacy of effective work with kids and a reputation for excellence among adults worldwide. For 70 years Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of kids around the world because we are supported by adults who care about kids in their community. Our staff and leaders are trained in time-tested methods of relating with adolescents, and we are equipped by a world-class organization for kids that is dedicated to effective ministry. This combination of local support, proven methods and organizational strength allows Young Life to thrive locally in more than 75 countries, with more than 3,000 staff and 30,000 volunteers reaching more than million kids each year. Young Life and WyldLife leaders bring more than 100,000 kids to one of our 32 world-class camp properties worldwide.

Gladwin County Youth Action Council (GladYAC) is a project of the Midland Area Community Foundation, and is made possible through the Council of Michigan Foundations and supported by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The Midland Area Community Foundation strengthens our community by providing leadership, fostering collaboration on local needs and issues, and encouraging a legacy of giving through grants, scholarships, and events.