Facebook Challenge a Success!

Midland-MI – The Midland Area Community Foundation launched a Facebook Challenge entitled the Grand Challenge on September 9 and ran it through September 14.  The Foundation saw over 500 individual votes come in with the winner being Personal Assistance Options.  Personal Assistance Options provides support to individuals with disabilities and mental illness based on their personal needs and goals.  The organization will receive a grant of $1,000 to start a “Mentoring Library” where the youth and their Mentor can check out art supplies, books, crafts, board games, etc. to work on building their life skills of communication, socialization, health and safety in a fun way.

Kathy Allen, Executive Director of Personal Assistance Options summarized the success by saying, “We rallied together for a purpose that PAOmatters and came to understand the power of progress was found in numbers.  Helping youth with different disabilities was the common goal and our motivation to unify our voices was extremely strong.  Thank you to all who took the time to vote and support our Mentoring program so that we can continue our goal of assisting youth with disabilities to be participating members of our community.”

“It is such a pleasure to not only engage the community on our Facebook page”, said Jan McGuire, President and CEO.  “But also to make sure the community has a real impact on the things that matter to them.”  The goal of the Grand Challenge was to engage nonprofits, community members and the Foundation in one activity that allowed everyone to participate. In short, to build a local social network online.  “We’ve certainly met our goal,” said McGuire.  “With 393 new people ‘liking’ us on Facebook, we’ll be able to ask people what they think of new ideas, convene people who want to make a difference and help to build our community even more.  We see Facebook as a place to share and interact and we are so pleased to have more people who know about us.”

The Midland Area Community Foundation partnered with the Bay Area and Saginaw County Community Foundation to launch the contest.  Each foundation ran the challenge in their community and all saw similar success.  After an evaluation of the process and the results, the Foundations will decide if they will run this sort of challenge again.  “It’s definitely something we feel is successful – it built capacity and community.” said McGuire.

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