Community Needs Assessment Underway


We are currently working on a community needs assessment process that aims to discover the most pressing needs in Midland County. The assessment is being completed with the support and endorsement of the Midland County Health and Human Services Council.

Due to be released by May of 2013, the assessment will provide critical information to enable us to be proactive our its grant making. This will help to insure that key needs in the community are being addressed quickly and adequately.

Midland Area Community Foundation President and CEO Sharon Mortensen says that the needs assessment will help to focus the community foundation and other agencies’ attention on areas of greatest need.

“One of the greatest benefits of this assessment is that it will bring community partners together to work on ways to address these needs”, says Mortensen. “A needs assessment is necessary to help all of us join together and objectively look at community needs. Since we each have our own perspectives, we may be keenly aware of some needs and unaware of others.”

We are contracting with Saginaw Valley State University to conduct the needs assessment. SVSU will also prepare and develop a public website with the findings. The needs assessment will incorporate publicly available data, including information collected by organizations and agencies within Midland County.

We will also elicit the opinions and ideas of individuals living in Midland. Put together, this will help to build a comprehensive picture of community needs. Data from area organizations is now in the process of being analyzed. If individuals wish to contribute to the needs assessment, they can do so online here or by contacting the community foundation at 989.839.9661.