MACF Staff Paints the Tridge Blue in Preparation for Riverdays 2012 "Riverfront Blues"

While we look forward to painting the town red with all of you at Riverdays this coming July 20th & 21st, we first need to get ready for this year's "Riverfront Blues" theme.  We're excited to announce Larry McCray and Thornetta Davis, two outstanding blues artists, will be performing on Friday night this year.  To help spread the word,  we decided to paint the park blue!  So we spent the weekend working hard to do just that:

MACF staff members Dave Kell and Nicole Wilson meet at the Tridge to get to work on a big painting job.

Nicole and Dave getting started, it was a long day.

Dave works on a park sign, somewhat uneasy about the lack of city approval.

The statues are quite blue already.

Not blue enough.

Before and after of the Tridge. We

Thanks for your hard work Dave and Nicole!