Plymouth Park "Fun Zone" to be demolished to make room for pharmacy

Update: This was indeed an April Fools' Day prank. Want to make sure the Fun Zone never disappears? Support the maintenance fund by purchasing your very own engraved fence picket!

The popular Fun Zone playground located within Midland's Plymouth Park will be torn down this summer, and the property sold to a local investor. The investor has plans to build a pharmacy on the property as soon as possible.

The move comes right after last summer's nearly half million dollar renovation of the park led by the Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF). The community foundation claims that this will be a good change for the park.

"Midland has a real lack of pharmacies, and this decision just made sense," said a MACF representative who preferred to be anonymous for fear of having toilet paper thrown in their yard. "I realize we just spent a year of planning and an entire summer completely renovating the entire park, but people need to pick up their medications and candy somewhere. It's a great location."

As a way to appease the thousands of children who are sure to be upset by the change, the community foundation and City of Midland Parks Department have established a lottery system to give the playground components away to children living in Midland County.

"Any child between the ages of 6 and 17 are eligible to sign up," said the anonymous representative. "We will draw names randomly until each playground component is spoken for. If the child doesn't have their own tools, we can provide them with a saw and hammer to cut their piece of the playground out."

Details on how and where to sign up will be made available in the coming weeks. More information can be found at