Scholarships for Foster Care Students

Buell Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Foster Care Students (Full Scholarship)

To provide a college education for a student who in the current year or previous three years is graduating or has graduated from high school or received his/her GED.  The student must have come out of the foster care system.  The student should be a Midland or Gladwin County resident (preference for Midland County), and plan to attend or be attending any public university, community college or private college in Michigan as a full-time residential or commuter student.  Students attending a private college would receive an amount equivalent to the average cost of state universities in Michigan.  It is expected that the recipient could continue to receive funding for up to four years or completion of degree or certification program assuming acceptable academic progress, and that every four years (or upon completion of a degree or certification program) a new recipient would be selected.  Consideration could be given for a fifth year if it is required for degree completion, and the student is still attending college full-time.  The student must maintain a 2.5 GPS and have evidence of completing 40 hours of community service annually.