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Communications Officer
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Kevin LaDuke

Kevin LaDuke – In His Own Words

“I began my tenure as Communications Officer in November of 2019. It was an interesting time to join the Foundation. Nobody could have foreseen the events of 2020 unfolding, but I definitely learned about crisis communications on the fly.

Before joining the Foundation, I was employed by Midland Community Television. My degree is in broadcasting. Midland is a special place for me. It’s the first (and only) place I’ve lived after entering adulthood. Growing up in Beaverton, Midland was the “big city.” It was the place we came to for recreation, entertainment, and amenities. I’m sure Midland can occasionally feel small or “not enough” to those who have spent their entire life here. I assure you that Midland is an important place, and our community’s purpose spans far beyond our city or county’s boundaries.

Before joining the Foundation, I was familiar with some of the Foundation’s work, but I didn’t understand how important it is to the fabric of our community. Fifty years ago, folks pooled their resources together to make Midland a better place – that’s incredible. And for me, being able to tell the story of the Foundation and its people, I truly could not be more grateful. I’m thankful every day that I have the privilege of working alongside exceptional people who dream of making Midland a better place to live, work, and play. I take pride in my work because it supports and reflects the image of others who are actively doing the work of fostering a place that best functions for all of us.

My grandparents raised me. Their guidance and lessons are something I honor and cherish every day. My communal upbringing inspires me. Because a community of incredible people raised me, it’s my purpose to be an active citizen who fosters an exceptional community in return. Although my grandmother has since passed, my grandpa continues to be my best friend and partner in crime.

Outside of the office, I’m a proud resident of the City of Midland. My girlfriend and I take advantage of being within walking distance of Downtown Midland. We love trips to the Tridge, attending Loons games, and walking the Rail Trail. I’m an avid sports fan who owns a few stock shares in Detroit City Football Club.

As Midland continues to grow, I want our community to continue to collaborate and tell the stories of its people. We have so many voices here that need to be heard. We have a lot to learn from one another, and if we don’t continue to work together, forward, and bold, we won’t ever reach our goal of becoming an inclusive community where everyone thrives.”

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