Sara JacobsCarter

Youth Action Council Coordinator
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Sara JacobsCarter

Sara joined MACF in the summer of 2018 as the Youth Action Council Coordinator. A Michigan native, she graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Family Science) from Central Michigan University, and earned her Master of Science in Family Life and Human Development at Arizona State University (Marriage and Family Therapy Concentration). After spending the first 12 years of their marriage at one university or the other collecting 3 advanced degrees between them, Sara and her husband were very happy to finally put down roots in Midland and watch their family blossom! Her responsibilities include overseeing the Youth Action Council, assisting this group of phenomenal 6th-12th graders as they undertake the grantmaking process and discover the satisfaction of philanthropy in their lives. Sara is also responsible for the administration of the CommunityGives Youth Service Program.

Favorite things

Spending time with friends and family, struggling to improve her minimal sewing & crafting skills, and working hard with her hubby to indoctrinate their daughters into the magical worlds of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Middle Earth, Star Trek, Paradise Island, Olympus, Narnia, Tortall, and the parks and playgrounds of Midland, Michigan.

Favorite things to do in Midland County

Annihilating her comfort zone by rolling with the Chemical City Roller Girls Roller Derby team — some of the Midland Area’s finest and fittest women — and having a blast going fast with the Roll Arena Rockets roller speed skating team — alongside two of her three daughters and more than a couple National Roller Speed Skating Champions.

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