Stories from the Midland Area Community Foundation

New Grant to The Bridge Food Center helps keep food costs down for low-income families

September 7th, 2022

Nearly 35,000 families in Midland County work hard to provide for their families but don’t make enough to have an emergency fund when the inevitable happens, like a car breaking down, the furnace going out, or unplanned medical bills. For these families, finding a source of balanced meals can be cost-prohibitive. This is where The Bridge helps.

The Bridge, run by volunteers and partners with other local organizations, provides affordable, healthy, high-quality meats, fresh produce, canned and boxed goods, personal care, and paper products to members of need within Midland County. No proof of income is required, giving families the dignity they deserve.

The Bridge has been serving this community for over five years and recently entered a new, larger building on South Saginaw Road and Washington. This unique venue is three times larger, allowing The Bridge to expand on the offerings and the ability to build on serving more than 6,000 families served to date. The $14,700 grant by The Big Give will go towards upgrading electrical equipment to more energy-efficient LED lights to help keep maintenance costs down, and product costs as low as possible for customers.

The Big Give is a giving circle representing more than 100 men from the greater Midland area dedicated to helping local nonprofit agencies. Over $320,000 has been donated to Midland County nonprofits through the organization.

The Midland Area Community Foundation holds the Big Give fund. The Community Foundation has been investing in the community by creating a way for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to contribute to community well-being for 45 years. The Big Give welcomes new members to increase their ability to support nonprofits in need. To learn more about The Big Give and how you can attend the next Big Give meeting, visit