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Last Week to Support Midland Young Professionals Community Crowdfund and Unlock $20,000 for Local Businesses

May 24th, 2023

The MYPros Community Crowdfund project, an initiative led by Midland Young Professionals (MYPros), is approaching its final week, and MyPros is appealing for a burst of momentum. The final day for donations is May 31. With less than a week remaining, the Crowdfund has surpassed the halfway mark toward its ambitious $20,000 fundraising goal ($10,000 for each campaign). The significance of these crowdfunding campaigns lies in the potential to unlock $20,000 in matching funds for Nor’East Outdoors and Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom, paving the way for the realization of their community-centric projects. With the possibility for two local businesses to walk away with a total of $30,000+ each, Midlanders can meaningfully contribute to two projects seeking to create experiences for community connections and receive some cool donation incentives along the way like a 2-4 hour kayak trip of your choice with Nor’East for $50 or a rocks glass with two free cocktails from Three Bridges for $50.

The MYPros Community Crowdfund catalyzes positive change in Midland by supporting local businesses with projects that have a broad community impact and engage young professionals. By rallying the community and harnessing the power of collective giving, MYPros seeks to foster vibrant spaces where Midland residents can come together and thrive. MYPros is a proud initiative of the Midland Business Alliance.

Nor’East Outdoors, a Midland-based recreation service, allows Midlanders (and beyond) to enjoy a recreational adventure down the historic Chippewa River. Nor’East carries high-quality kayaks and paddle boards to provide the safest, most enjoyable paddling experiences. By reaching the $10,000 fundraising goal, Nor’East Outdoors will unlock $20,000 in matching funds, allowing them to expand their offerings and create a lasting impact on Midland’s outdoor enthusiasts. With an increased capacity, Nor’East plans to purchase youth-specific kayaks, extra-large kayaks, and a larger passenger vehicle, enabling them to provide enjoyable and inclusive recreation experiences to more individuals, including groups. Donation incentives for Nor’East include a signature Nor’East Outdoors sticker for a $20 donation, a kayak trip for $50, a Nor’East Outdoors t-shirt and sticker for $100, a kayak trip followed by snacks at Three Bridges for $250, weekly kayaking for the entire 2023 season for $500, and more! Visit the Nor’East Outdoors Community Crowdfund at to support them today!

Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom, a local establishment committed to craft spirits alongside community spirit, aspires to enhance Midland’s social fabric by providing a welcoming space for gatherings, celebrations, and shared experiences. Their vision encompasses serving unique spirits, hosting live music events, and fostering connections among residents. Like Nor’East Outdoors, Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom are poised to receive $20,000 in matching funds if they successfully achieve their $10,000 fundraising goal. This all-or-nothing match has the potential to amplify the positive impact they can have in the community. If rewarded with the funds, Three Bridges intends to expand its space into a new outdoor patio, significantly increasing its capacity and providing a new dynamic area for folks to gather and connect. Donation incentives for Three Bridges include a koozie and a four ounce pour of beer for $20, a beer glass and three free pints for $50, two beer or rocks glasses and one free monthly drink for a year for $150, snacks at Three Bridges after a kayak trip with Nor’East Outdoors for $250, and more! Visit the Three Bridges Community Crowdfund at to support them today!

“These projects hold immense value for our community. Nor’East Outdoors and Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom are dedicated to creating spaces where Midland residents can come together, foster connections, and enjoy recreational activities,” said Marybeth Penkala, Director of Membership & Partner Engagement for the Midland Business Alliance and MyPros Crowdfunding Subcommittee Co-Chair. “By contributing to the MYPros Community Crowdfund, community members can directly support the realization of these projects and help shape the vibrant future of Midland.”

The clock is ticking for the MYPros Community Crowdfund, and community members are encouraged to rally together and contribute to the campaign before the fundraising deadline. Every dollar counts. Each contribution brings Nor’East Outdoors and Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom one step closer to unlocking the transformative matching funds. The matching funds were gifted from the Midland Area Community Foundation’s Impact Investing Committee to the Midland Business Alliance to support the Alliance’s economic growth and impact goals in the Midland area.

“This crowdfund represents community collaboration and the impact possible when many people come together for common goals,” said Kevin LaDuke, Communications Officer for the Midland Area Community Foundation and MyPros Crowdfunding Subcommittee Co-Chair. “The funding of these two projects by Midland area community members will represent their dedication to developing our community’s economic and emotional infrastructure. Both of these projects provide great opportunities to unite community members and support talent development and retention in Midland County.”

To contribute and be part of these community-driven campaigns, visit the Nor’East Outdoors campaign at or visit the Three Bridges Distillery & Taproom campaign at These links can also be found on the MyPros Facebook page. Join the movement, empower local industries, and help shape the future of Midland.

About MYPros: Midland Young Professionals (MYPros) is a vibrant network of emerging leaders and professionals dedicated to shaping the future of Midland, Michigan. With a focus on community engagement, professional development, and social connections, MYPros strives to create an inclusive environment that nurtures personal growth and fosters positive change.