The Visibility Project

We see you. We hear you. Together we are making a difference. The Visibility Project is an initiative of the Midland Area Cultural Awareness Coalition, using a storytelling podcast with the goal of creating a more connected, empathetic and inclusive community by listening to and learning from individuals whose stories are too often unheard. Listen on Buzzsprout.

Episode Resources

026 – Learn more about The Breaking Bread Village

025 – Life after Incarceration with Rob Worsley and Aaron Falkowski

024 – You Are Not Alone: One Person’s Journey from Suicidal to Supportive w/ Emily LaPrairie

023 – Adoption & Fostering

022 – PTSD Due to Natural Disasters

021 – Child Abuse and Trauma w/Desirea Woodworth and Tabitha Spencer

020 – Grief and How to Handle It w/Camille Gerace-Nitschky and Pattie Veith-Powers

019 – Suicide Awareness and Prevention w/Barb Smith and Adam Muszynski