Take Poseyville Road south of downtown Midland and you’ll find a truly unique park. Located on a hill adjacent to one of the Dow Chemical Co. brine ponds, Whiting Overlook Park was the first recreational project of the Midland Area Community Foundation, and since it was created has been used for a variety of activities.

In the summer, the park makes for an excellent picnic location, with its open grassy areas and beautiful landscaping. The interpretive signs offer history about the Dow Chemical Co., whose Midland plant can be seen nearly in its entirety from the vantage point offered on the hill.  Hikers, bikers and joggers can be seen using the Chippewa Trail extension that loops through the park. During the winter, Whiting Overlook serves as an unofficial neighborhood sledding hill, with hundreds of children plunging down the slope each year.

The idea for Whiting Overlook Park came from a discussion on how to beautify the areas between the plant and the public. During the late 1960’s, Dow leadership felt that the public face of the plant presented a misleading image of the work that was carried on inside. By 1972, a plan was in place to brighten up several areas surrounding the plant, including the area we now know as Whiting Overlook Park. Helen Dow Whiting, granddaughter of Dow Chemical founder Herbert H. Dow, along with her husband and Dow employee Macauley Whiting, generously gave the necessary funds from their private foundation for the park now named after them.