Public Arts Midland Video Series: The Artists of Midland

Public Arts Midland produces a regular program at Midland Community Television. The Artists of Midland series highlights the many different art forms within the City of Midland. We deep dive into each artists’ creative journey, learning about their passion, their successes and their struggles. Through the lens of the professional artist, the aspiring talent and the up and coming star we learn that art builds a sense of community through shared interest and a feeling of being connected to something larger than oneself.

Below you’ll find all programming produced to date.

Episode 1: Voices of Midland

In this debut episode of The Artists of Midland we meet Laura Brigham, Noah Schrieber and Jolie Wing – vocal artists at various stages of their careers. Their passion for singing and their perseverance in reaching their goals is sure to inspire!


Episode 2: Growing Midland

In this episode of The Artists of Midland we talk to Abbey Clarehout of Dow Gardens, and Rob Maxwell of Chippewa Nature Center, about the art of growing, gardening, and horticulture.


Episode 3: It Wood Be Art

In this episode of Artists of Midland we take a look at the art forms of woodworking and carpentry. The individuals featured here showcase both their imaginations and passion for creating beautiful, lasting pieces. Their journeys into this medium help prove that art is connector for community. Sit back & enjoy as we chat with Paul Walker at Walker Custom Carpentry, and the Midland Woodcarvers at Sanford Senior Center.


Episode 4: Beautiful Communications

In this episode we take a look at the art form of graphic design. The individuals interviewed here share their journey into this medium as a career and discuss how their art form impacts people daily. We hope you enjoy our chat with Annie Stout of Paper Heart Design, and Drew Schafer of Aberro Creative.


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