Public Arts Midland: POP heART project

2023 details:

February is here and we want you to show some love to our community this month!! Our 2023 theme for Public Arts Midland is art connects. We believe art brings people together. It gives us common ground. It gives us the way to express ourselves when we create, and see parts of ourselves, reflected in the work of others, letting us know we are not alone. We are all connected. An art can help make that more apparent. Here are two ways to participate in the POP heART project this year!

Community String heART Project:

Our goal with this POP heART project is to create three collaborative, Community String heART pieces of art that quite literally can connects us all!

Visit TBD on TBD to add on your string and be part of the art!

POP heART Coloring Project:

Grab a POP heART coloring sheet from one of our lovely partners (TBD) or download the image below to print one at home!

Make your POP heART sheet as colorful as you like and use the center heart as a place to write what you love about your favorite person, people, or places in our community. Don’t forget to fill out the “to and from” lines, then deliver your creation to brighten someones day!

Before you deliver it, send us a PHOTO of your creation at OR tag us on Facebook or
Instagram @publicartsmidland, to be part of a larger digital art piece at the end of the project!



Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the 2022 POP heART project! We love the way all these little pieces of love and gratitude can be transformed into this bigger piece of digital art! Small things still have a big impact. Keep spreading the love, Midland!

Thank you to our 2022 community partners for hosting selfie stations and coloring sheets as well: Creative 360, Biggby Coffee, Grace A. Dow Memorial Library, Live Oak Coffeehouse, Midland Center for the Arts, Serendipity Road + Joyful Tantrum.