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Public Arts Midland (an initiative of the Midland Area Community Foundation) is excited to announce the first annual Art Seen Festival

June 3rd, 2021

Art Seen Festival is a creative movement celebrating public art and mural making. In an effort to bring more vibrancy to the community, this immersive arts weekend is presented by Public Arts Midland, an initiative of the Midland Area Community Foundation.

Public Arts Midland believes art inspires and propels communities forward, giving a voice to diverse experiences and people. In addition, the group sees art as a catalyst for belonging and provides an opportunity to share stories and hear the stories of others.

Public Arts Midland is joining with Midland Center for the Arts’ Summer Art Fair, Creative 360’s Community Mural and Art Speaks Festival events, and Mural Blast to bring people together in one incredible art-filled weekend.

June 5 and 6 is the inaugural event of the mural festival. The first year will kick off our first year with a large-scale live mural painting live by local artists Jazzmyn Benitez, Dacia Parker, and their team.

“We are excited to involve the community in this project!  It is important that the mural creation is a collaborative initiative of the larger community.  The mural represents the embrace of diversity and voice within our community through the representation of a kaleidoscope of colors,” says Dacia Parker, mural artist and owner of Parker Lane Art & Design Studios in Midland.

The entire community is invited to observe and participate in the live mural creation on the rear parking lot wall of Little Forks Outfitters. Public Arts Midland encourages community members to be part of the creation process and welcomes them to, “stop by and make their mark!” The parking lot is accessible off McDonald St, between E Main St and E Larkin St.


·11:00a-5:00p · LIVE Mural Painting with the Community
·10:00a-5:00p · Visit the Red Threads Tent in front of Serendipity Road
·06:00p-9:00p · LIVE Acoustic music from local musicians at the mural site

·11:00a-5:00p · LIVE Mural Painting
·06:00p-9:00p · LIVE Acoustic music from local musicians at the mural site

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