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Six-Year-Old Girl Opens Lemonade Stand to Raise Money for Midland County Flood Relief

June 30th, 2020

Ellie Martindale raised over $250 for the Midland Area Community Foundation’s #RELIEFMIDLAND Flood Relief Fund

 A six-year-old girl who will be entering first grade at Woodcrest Elementary School this fall has raised over $250 to benefit Midland Area Community Foundation’s #RELIEFMIDLAND Flood Relief Fund to assist with Midland County’s flood relief efforts.

“When the flood happened, she knew immediately she wanted her lemonade stand to help those affected by the flood,” stated Ellie Martindale’s Mother, Kara.

Ellie was motivated to help with flood relief because of her admiration for the book, “Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand,” by Liz and Jay Scott. The book features the true story of Alex Scott, a young lady battling against childhood cancer. Alex utilized a lemonade stand to benefit cancer research.

“I really like Alex and The Amazing Lemonade Stand and I really wanted to help people,” said Ellie. “I  wanted to help people who were hurt by the flood.”

Ellie’s donation makes her the youngest member of the Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF), an organization who carries the slogan, “For good. For ever. For all.”

“Ellie’s donation is so unbelievably heartwarming and a testament to the fact that anyone can be a philanthropist. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference,” stated Emily Schafer, Director of Development for the Midland Area Community Foundation. “The flood impacted so many of our friends and neighbors. Actions like Ellie’s provide hope in a time period of great tragedy.”

Ellie joins thousands of donors who have collectively contributed over $1.7 million in flood relief to MACF’s #RELIEFMIDLAND Flood Relief Fund. The Fund has been used to purchase clean up supplies and has permitted the funding of two case managers. MACF is focusing on immediate, intermediate and long-term flood recovery needs with the dollars raised to ensure the greatest impact. Continued distribution of funds will take place in partnership with an emerging long-term disaster recovery group who have identified construction management and rebuilding needs as high priorities.

If you would like more information about Midland Area Community Foundation’s flood relief efforts, visit or call the Foundation directly at 989-839-9661.