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Midland Area Community Foundation and Long-Term Recovery Group to host final Flood Recovery Session via Zoom

October 11th, 2021

In conjunction with the Long-Term Recovery Group, Midland Area Community Foundation will be hosting a Flood Recovery Session via Zoom titled “Long Term Flood Recovery – Our Community’s Journey.” The session will take place on October 14, 2021, at 10:30 am. Topics will include a review of our area’s flood recovery journey, an overview of the Long-Term Recovery Group, and an update on Sanford’s progress.

“The Long-Term Flood Recovery Group is still identifying needs in the community and responding to flood survivors,” said Sharon Mortensen, President, and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation. “Although this chapter of Flood Recovery Zoom Sessions is closing, governmental agencies, volunteer and social agencies, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, businesses, and individual volunteers will continue to work together through the Long-Term Recovery Group.”

Presenters for October’s session are Holly Miller, Dolores Porte, Bridgette Gransden, and Sharon Mortensen. Miller serves as President & CEO of United Way of Midland County, Porte is the Village President for the Village of Sanford, and Gransden is Administrator for the County of Midland.

“We have been connecting community members with individuals involved with flood recovery for more than 15 sessions,” said Mortensen. “We appreciate everyone who has attended a session. We want to provide a nice overview of the challenges we’ve faced and a look at where we’re going during the final session.”

Flood Recovery Sessions are open to everyone. Attendees are required to register for sessions at Sessions are recorded for on-demand viewing on the Community Foundation’s YouTube channel for those unable to attend. To view any past sessions, please visit or visit

For more information about the Community Foundation’s involvement with the Long-Term Recovery Group, follow Midland Area Community Foundation on Facebook, or call the Community Foundation at 989-839-9661.