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Midland Area Community Foundation’s May 5th Give Local Midland event to allow for immediate relief for local nonprofits

April 22nd, 2020

Give Local Midland, the annual giving event for nonprofit organizations with endowed funds at the Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF), will be adjusting normal operations to better address the needs of the community. The focus of Give Local Midland has always been to build long-term sustainability through growing nonprofit endowment funds. This year organizations will be permitted to raise money for the spendable portion of their endowment funds, rather than contributions being allotted toward long-term investment.

“The motto of the Midland Area Community Foundation is ‘For good. For ever.’ In this uncertain time, you can add, ‘For now,’ as well,” said President and CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation, Sharon Mortensen. “We want Give Local Midland to be reflective of the current needs of local nonprofits, and we believe allowing nonprofits to quickly access donated funds will help provide relief from impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On May 5th, over 60 area nonprofits will engage in the 24-hour giving day: raising money, promoting engagement, and elevating awareness of the incredible and inspiring work of nonprofits in the Midland area. The nonprofits will encourage support of their organizations while competing for $3000 in additional prizes. Competitions for prizes vary in criteria and evaluation, some of which are based around time, creativity, and number of donors.

Although Give Local Midland annually takes place on the first Tuesday in May, this year it falls on a global giving day. Giving Tuesday is a global movement, inspiring millions to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity. Giving Tuesday traditionally takes place in December; however, Giving Tuesday has established an additional giving day due to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19.

“Giving Tuesday’s messaging is ‘#GivingTuesdayNow,” said Mortensen. “We believe this aligns perfectly with our philosophy around Give Local Midland 2020.”

In addition to pledged contributions and prize winnings, Give Local participants will also be splitting a percentage-based match pool. Over $70,000 in match dollars have been pledged by the Midland Area Community Foundation Board of Trustees and participating Donor Advised Fundholders. The match pool makes Give Local Midland the perfect time to give to area nonprofits by maximizing community contributions.

For community members interested in giving, it’s as simple as visiting on May 5th. All participating organizations will be listed on the site, and the minimum contribution amount is $5, cementing the idea that anyone can be a philanthropist. Additionally, due to the CARES Act, if you donate up to $300 in cash to a qualified organization, your adjusted gross income will be reduced by up to $300, and you can still claim the standard deduction on your 2020 taxes.

The mission of the Midland Area Community Foundation is, “To provide philanthropic leadership to strengthen our community by fostering collaboration and giving today and in the future.” To learn more about Give Local Midland, or other operations of the MACF, visit or call (989) 839-9661.