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Midland Area Community Foundation Commits Resources to Long-Term Flood Recovery

August 6th, 2020

Midland Area Community Foundation’s #ReliefMidland Flood Relief Fund has been open for over two months and has amassed over $1.7 million in contributions, of which $322,485 has been dispersed so far for community assistance, cleanup, debris management, and long-term recovery, including $105,062 that has been specifically designated for recovery work in the Greater Sanford Area.

“A majority of our fund disbursement thus far has been allotted to long-term flood recovery,” said Alysia Christy, Director of Community Impact at the Midland Area Community Foundation (MACF) and Co-Chair of the Long-Term Recovery Financial Support Committee. “We want to be very intentional on how we steward the funds that have been raised into the community, investing in a long-term recovery plan that avoids duplication, maximizes resources, and provides equitable access for all.”

The Long-Term Recovery Group is operating in a systematic manner to lay the bedrock for recovery in Midland County. Members of MACF staff are serving on various subcommittees of the Long-Term Recovery Group alongside members from other community organizations, faith-based groups, corporations, and volunteers. Long-Term Recovery subcommittees include Financial Support, Volunteer Coordination, Housing Support, Rebuild and Construction, Public Relations, and Case Management. All subgroups hold specific responsibilities, collaborating to serve the singular goal of long-term recovery.

There are currently three flood case managers directly serving Midland County. MACF’s funds have been used to put strategic infrastructure in place to help with flood recovery including the funding of two case managers, a construction manager, and a case manager at Home to Stay to help with immediate housing needs, as well as clean-up efforts.

“The Midland Area Community Foundation’s slogan is ‘For Good. For Ever. For All,” said Sharon Mortensen, President & CEO of the Midland Area Community Foundation and member of the Long-Term Recovery Group Steering Committee. “By committing the generous contributions of donors to long-term recovery, MACF is helping to care for the people of Midland County through our pledge to make philanthropic giving as effective as possible.”

MACF has been humbled by the support locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The community’s youngest fundraisers include 9-year-old Memphis, from Sanford, who started his own pop can drive, permitting him to open the Mustang Strong Fund, benefitting families of Meridian Public Schools and 6-year-old Ellie, from Midland, who opened her own lemonade stand.

“We understand that long-term-recovery can’t take place without an organized approach paired with contributions from the community. Everyone plays a role to assist survivors of this unforeseen disaster,” stated Christy. “We want Midland County to continue to be an exceptional place where everyone thrives. That cannot happen without a collaborative, all-hands-on-deck style approach.”

MACF, in conjunction with the Long-Term Recovery Group, is currently in the process of developing an open Zoom call to provide consistent updates to community members about the process of long-term flood recovery. More details will follow with information about how these calls will take shape. Continue to follow and MACF on Facebook for more information.

Midland Area Community Foundation is accepting donations to the #ReliefMidland Flood Relief Fund at For more information about MACF’s involvement with the Long-Term Recovery Group, call MACF at 989-839-9661.