MAYAC Adult Action Mini-Grant

MAYAC recognizes that youth flourish in environments populated by involved parents, guardians, and other positive adults.  This grant is designed to support Adult Action Groups such as booster clubs, Parent-Teacher Organizations, etc., while they support Midland County Youth.  Proposals should be designed around unique projects, events, or activities that aim to benefit Midland County Youth and their families by providing positive entertaining &/or learning environments.  As with all Midland Area Community Foundation and MAYAC grants, funds are not eligible for use in fundraising events, annual fundraising campaigns or other annual events.

If you are not someone who is an employed representative of the beneficiary organization (or school or governmental entity), please provide the name of the person who will be collecting the funds on behalf of the Youth Group you’re supporting.  Funds granted by the Midland Area Community Foundation and the Midland Area Youth Action Council cannot be granted to individuals and can only be released to the organization your project benefits, with instructions that the funds are for your project.  If you are working on a grant for a youth group organized through Midland Public Schools, for example, you must have a teacher or coach or adviser who can hold the funds for the group and who is willing to help you purchase the necessary materials.

Funding Level: Up to $500 per Adult Action Group per rolling calendar year

Eligibility:  Adult Action Groups (such as PTOs or Booster Clubs) that exist as 501(c)3s, educational, or governmental organizations or support Youth organizations that are qualified as such are appropriate applicants.  While more than one grant may be submitted, only one grant will be awarded per Adult Action Group per rolling calendar year.  Note that all projects must be completed within the same rolling calendar year (i.e., a grant gifted in Oct 2019 must be used by Oct 2020).

Evaluation Process: The Midland Area Youth Action Council will review requests most months during the academic year.   The MCYAC Coordinator will review requests for the remainder of the calendar year using Council approved evaluation process.   Requests are due by the 15th of the month.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact: Potential to improve the lives of Midland County Youth
  • Planning: Clear realistic plan for project implementation; group capability; cost effectiveness and reasonable budget
  • Existing Resources: Funding will not supplant existing funding, nor is it meant to replace services currently offered.

Excluded Projects: Mini-grant applications will not be considered for political or religious activities, missions, or teachings; for equipment that is not an integral part of the project; for salaries or incentives for volunteers; or for previously incurred debt.

Required Reporting:   Unused funds must be returned to the Foundation at the end of the rolling calendar year in which the grant was awarded.

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