Cultural Awareness Coalition

Cultural Awareness Coalition – An initiative of the Midland Area Community Foundation

To be culturally aware is to be conscious of and to directly know, perceive, feel, and be cognizant of the total way of life of particular groups of people including everything that a group of people thinks, says, does and makes, its systems, attitudes and feelings.

Supported by Midland Area Community Foundation the endeavors of the coalition, open doors to understanding and helps to create an inclusive environment in Midland County where everyone is accepted, included, and feels a sense of belonging.

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Our Vision

Midland: An inclusive community.


Business Plan

The Cultural Awareness Committee has formulated a “business plan” based on the surveys and the Forum with three main thrusts:

Develop an effective network among the Midland area community groups involved with cultural awareness. This would feature communications, periodic forums and public relations.

Move forward on top priority community projects. Enhancing cultural awareness among school children was identified by the Forum as the highest priority. Additionally, the Committee will continue to support the Diversity Walk and MCTV programs.

Provide grants and other funding in support of selected community projects.

Midland has a unique opportunity with its strong local diversity. By improving our awareness of the different cultural groups here, we will be able to better understand our increasingly complex world.

Our Mission

To promote, encourage, share and sustain cultural awareness throughout Midland.


Contact the Coalition

The Cultural Awareness Coalition is actively working to promote a community where ALL people have the opportunity to thrive. If you wish to join this group or want to share ideas or comments, please call 989-839-9661 or email


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