Melissa Kesterson

Program Officer
About MACF

Melissa Kesterson

Melissa Kesterson began her role at MACF in June of 2015. Kesterson graduated from Southern Illinois University and worked in the broadcast industry for several years before relocating to Europe with her family. Returning to the US, she re-directed her career with a focus on literacy, access to healthy foods and community development. She is a Master Gardener and spearheaded the creation of the community garden located at the Greater Midland Community Center, where she serves as the garden’s program director. She will be responsible for managing the community foundation’s grantmaking process as well as several community projects.

Favorite things

Visiting and spending time with family and friends while we hike or cross country ski Michigan’s lovely trails, canoe and kayak the beautiful rivers, swim in the lakes and explore by bike. Next to reading, gardening is right at the top of my favorite things – right up there with cooking the produce I grow in my garden!

Favorite thing to do in Midland County

Given the time of year it could be going to the Midland Farmers Market, walking at Pine Haven County Park, gardening at the Greater Midland Community Center’s community garden, floating on Lake Sanford, going to a show at the Midland Center for the Arts or having a family Christmas Eve ski at City Forest.

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